Lake Sporovskoe

Lake Sporovskoe


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In Beryoza district, not far from a marshland, is located Sporovskoe Lake. The size of the reservoir is quite large – about 5.5 kilometers lengthwise and 3 kilometers breadthways, but its depth is relatively small – up to 2.2 meters. The terrain here is flat with small undulating changes, largely is waterlogged and has no forests, is located in lowland. Low slopes somewhere become overgrown with   dense shrubs. In the North-Western part of the lake the height of shrubs reaches 5 metres. On one side of the lake shores are peaty, and on the other side - sandy. The lake bottom is covered with sand.  Depending on the time of year the water level varies plus or minus 1.5 meters.

Over time, the lake begins to become overgrown under water with a variety of plants. The path of the Yaselda River flows through this water body.

The terrain surrounding the lake is very picturesque. And indeed the lake itself opens before visitors breathtaking landscapes. Of course, any beach holiday and swimming in the lake are out of the question in such a swampland, but fishing will be just great. Among numerous species of fish here dwells carp, pike, bream, silver bream, tench, redeye and many other species. For fishermen it is just a “golden place” for successful and peaceful fishing.

The fauna of Sporovskoe Lake is rather diverse. In these areas dwell about 112 various species of birds. Among them there are 17 species which are included in the list of endangered ones recorded in the Red Book.  For example, here lives a small bird with an interesting name “aquatic warbler”. For a representative of this species of birds Sporovskoe Lake is the most favourable for reproduction among all the lakes of modern Europe.

Having vacations on this lake will give a lot of positive emotions. Mental equilibrium and strength will be recovered. None of the rest will allow you to enjoy the peace and solitude as much as close contact with uninhabited corners of the Belarusian nature can do it. Here you can truly feel the whole purity and beauty of the picturesque views.

The area around the lake is quite calm and quiet. On this site it is prohibited to light campfires and set up camps, as well as it is prohibited to travel by car and park near the pond.

In the South-Western part of the lake there is a farmstead under the name of “Sporovskoe”. On the territory of this farmstead you can find such activities such as jet boating, water skiing, and also you can indulge in a flight by parachute behind a boat. Latest from entertainment will be very interesting for those who love beautiful and picturesque views. The latter entertainment will be very interesting for those who love beautiful and picturesque views. And bird's eye views of the lake are really amazing.

Not far from the lake, close to the Yaselda River, there is another farmstead called “To stay alive”. The name of this farmstead speaks for itself, it is designed for lovers of an extreme and active rest.


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