The Monastery of the Savior in Kobrin

The Monastery of the Savior in Kobrin


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The Convent in Kobrin is famous for its long history and aromatic bread, which is baked by novices within its walls on Thursdays. Impressions of the Baroque monastic building flavored with a taste of bread with honey will dwell long in your memory.

How old is actually the Convent?

The beginning of the history of the monastery is considered to be its first mention in historical Chronicles in 1465. Exactly at that time, according to the source, the princess Ulyana Kobrinskaya and her son Ivan donated a mill with a pond and lands to the Church of the Savior at the Monastery.

In 2015 the monastery celebrated in a festive atmosphere its 550th anniversary. It is symbolic that in the same year, during the scientific conference was published another historical document, dating back to 1401, in which was mentioned the monastery in Kobrin.  It was at least half a century older. But historians suppose that new discoveries are to take place. And it is quite on the cards that the date of the first mention will move to the end of the 14th century.

The main facts from the history of the monastery

1492 – the village of Korchitsy with two inns was passed on to the monastery. The gift of Ivan Kobrinsky’s wife princess Fedora.

1549 – the monastic inspection of Queen Bonne revealed that the monastery had a valuable library, including the first printed books in the Cyrillic alphabet.

1596 – the monastery became uniate after signing the Brest Union.

1626 – Kobrin council took place in the monastery.

1812 – during Kobrin battle a wooden monastic Church was burned down.

1839 – the monastery was closed after the cancellation of the union at Polotsk council. Spiritual school was located in the monastery building.

1896 – in the result of fire all the buildings were burned down, only a two-storeyed stone building was spared and has survived to the present days. 

5 interesting facts 

At the spiritual school of the late 19th century were trained precentors for church choirs and teachers for parish schools.

In the 1920-ies the Polish authorities restored the damaged by the fire building and gave it to the “County court”. During the works here were discovered ancient coffins of Kobrin princes and inside the walls – more than ten skeletons put into chains…

During the World War II barracks of the Wehrmacht were housed in the building of the monastic cell. And in 1944 here was located the headquarters of the Soviet counterintelligence “Smersh”.

The local police Department has been located in the building for more than 60 years after the war.

According to the monastic rules the under-ages, married as well as mothers raising children cannot join the convent, which opened in 2010. 

The revival of the cloister 

In 2010 the monastic building was handed over to Brest eparchy that made a decision to revive the Convent of the Savior.

The repairs and reconstruction of the building were conducted. Here were placed monastic cells, a refectory, a handicraft room, a library and a chapel in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God “Quick to Hearken”. This copy was painted from miraculous icon of the same name specially for Kobrin monastery on the mount Athos(in the monastery since 2011).

As the nuns say, “Quick to Hearken” cures of epilepsy, oncology, protrcts travelers and infants.

The two-storeyed building of the monastery is an architectural monument of Baroque of the 17thcentury. Its facades stand out for risalits with decorative stucco works. The walls are adorned with pilasters and panels around window openings.

The mother superior of the Convent in Kobrin is Mother Superior Euphrosyne.

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, Kobrin , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 350 km

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