The Holy Transfiguration Church in the village of Yazvinki

A sky-blue temple in the village of Yazvinki of Luninets district attracts attention for its neatness and simplicity. Along the path leading through a broad courtyard to the wooden Holy Transfiguration Church, lie stones with the ten Christian dispensation engraved on them. Therefore even the way to the temple will have for you a deep sense... 

“Yazviny” and Yazvinki 

In the 16-17th centuries the local lands were owned by Lithuanian treasurer Nicolaj Kishka. Exactly in connection with his possession in 1613 was first mentioned in historical documents the village of Yazvinka.

The village received its name not because its inhabitants were too spiteful or had abilities to inflict sores on their neighbors. Just on the North-West of the settlement there were several small swamps which people called “yazviny”. Hence the name “Yazvinki” appeared. 

The first Church in Yazvinki was built by the Shchits 

The construction of the first wooden temple in Yazvinki is associated with the name of the noble family Shchit-Nemirovichys. In the early 18th century the village belonged to the cupbearer of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Krzysztof Shchit-Nemirovich, known not only for his war achievements but also for the fact that according to legend he bit on a finger the Pope during an audience in Vatican city.

But all necessary money on the construction of the Holy Transfiguration Church in Yazvinki was donated by his relatives Jan Shchit-Nemirovich and his wife Ludwiga, who was famous for her sponsorship.

A wooden church was erected in 1759. According to the parish chronicle it was “quite strong”. The rectangular building had two domes, one row of windows without lattices and a split roof. In 1873 a new carved iconostasis with columns was set in the interior. 

The new Holy Transfiguration Church

According to the parish chronicle the first church in Yazvinki was demolished in 1909 because of its dilapidation. And a year later, in 1910, was built a new church that operates today (the Russian retrospective style).

Means for its construction were collected in all the villages belonging to the parish. Also there were private donations. The project was designed by Minsk architect Victor Struev.

The iconostasis for the temple was bought in the Kiev-Pecherskaya Laura. On September 12 were consecrated the crosses and on December 27 the Church building was also consecrated. 

Several interesting facts   

According to documents the parish of the Holy Holy Transfiguration Church donated money for people suffered from the earthquake of the island Zante (Zakynthos) in Greece

The iconostasis for the new Church from the Kiev-Pecherskaya Laura cost 700 tsarist rubles.

In Soviet times, the Church was wanted to close several times, but the parishioners and the priests defended the Shrine. It was never closed, though was located on Lenin Street.

In 2009 the parish celebrated its 250th anniversary and in 2010 – centenary from the day of the erection the new Church building. The service was headed by Archbishop of Pinsk and Luninets Stephen.   

The Church in our days 

The Holy Transfiguration Church in Yazvinki has been restored several times recently. In 1999 a boiler for heating was set in the Church, and in 2004 was constructed a building of Sunday school (heretofore classes had been held in the house of the priest), in 2007 the Church acquired steam heating.

During this time the Church in the village of Yazvinki became not only a spiritual but also cultural and educational center of the village.

The dean of the Church is priest and doctor of theology Sergey Chizh. Also he works as Deputy Dean on missionary work.