The Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs in Mogilev

The Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs in Mogilev


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The majestic white building of complex architecture located near the road down Pervomaiskaya Street, 75 is the Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs and the Orthodox Center in Mogilev. This is the main sanctuary of the town where believers come for Sunday and holiday services, where Orthodox Christians come with a prayer on weekdays.

The first stone of the future cathedral was laid in 1903

The building was designed by the architect P. Kalinin. The unique feature of the cathedral is that it has three entries from all sides. The construction lasted about 10 years, and in 1914 the temple was consecrated in honor of the three Orthodox hierarchs – Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom.

Mogilev Cathedral is designed in Pseudo-Russian style combining folk art and Old Russian architecture that is characteristic of the Silver Age. Some elements adorning the temple are similar to Russian kokoshniks and lace; this strengthens some folk spirit in the decoration of the temple. Domes crowning slender tall towers are of differing shapes and are sizes. There are seven of them. It also adds some fragility and refinement to the top of the cathedral. There can be traced obvious Oriental motifs in the silhouette of the cathedral in Mogilev.

The Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs of Mogilev city is constructed in the shape of a cross. Each of the entries of the sanctuary is dedicated to one of the patrons of the temple. Therefore, anyone who will enter this temple from different sides will have the impression that he enters a completely new Orthodox world.

The cathedral where the last Russian Tsar prayed

The Mogilev land became part of the Russian Empire after the partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Emperor Nicholas II was a deeply religious, pious man. The Tsar highly appreciated Pseudo-Russian style in architecture. During the First World War, he often visited Mogilev because the General headquarters was located there. Also the Emperor never missed an opportunity to visit the great town’s Orthodox sanctuary to pray there.

As you know, the whole Royal family was shot, and later recognized as Orthodox martyrs. During the Soviet period, however, the former Emperor’s good feeling counted against Mogilev Cathedral.

The Cathedral of the Three Hierarchs was threatened with closing in 1961

Even though services were held irregularly, the temple remained officially opened. But atheistic beliefs of the ruler Khrushchev came to Mogilev. The temple was closed, its domes were taken down, and it was allowed to dance and sing in the building – a cultural center of the local plant “Strommashina” was opened there. There were times when in the place where once had stood icons, and had been praying, there were arranged town dancing parties.

Of course, Orthodox believers could not leave the Cathedral of the Three Saints in that position. Prolonged negotiations with the current government, endless written request did their job – in 1989, the Cathedral was returned to the clergy, the parish was again opened there.

At the same time, His Eminence archbishop Maxim blessed the Church for creating the Sisterhood of the Holy Myrrh-bearers that still functions.

The Cathedral of the Three Saints is the gem of religious structures of Mogilev. Prayers of priests and believers have been continuing here since its second opening in the late 80s.

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, Mogilev , Belarus
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, Mogilev , Belarus
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