Trinity Cathedral in Slonim

Slonim is a town located in the western part of Belarus. Its historical objects attract many tourists. For example, there is the main Catholic Church – the Church of St. Andrew, built in the 70s of the XVIII century. There are also Orthodox churches – Transfiguration and Holy Trinity Cathedrals. The first one is the Cathedral of the Eparchy of Novogrudok and Slonim; the second has a complicated history and belonged to different confessions.

In the XVI century, there was an Orthodox church made of wood and known as Holy Trinity Church where Trinity Cathedral stands today. There was an icon of St. Anthony of Kiev, founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – one of the oldest monasteries of Ancient Rus. He is revered as the “leader of all the Russian monks”.

Later, the wooden church was dismantled and another church was erected in the first half of the XVII century (1639-1645). The new church was built of brick. A century later, there was Bernardine Monastery. Since the Catholic Church appeared, the days of reverence of Anthony of Kiev were ended. Worship services were held in memory of Anthony of Padua, one of the most significant representatives of the Franciscans.

In 1864, Bernardine Monastery was closed. The building belonged to the Orthodox believers. Thus, since 1867, the church started functioning and was consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity. Reverence of Anthony of Kiev continued.

In 1920-30, the church returned to the Catholics again. During the Great Patriotic War, the church belonged to the Orthodox believers again.

In 2002, the church was granted the status of a cathedral.

The building of Trinity Cathedral in Slonim is a monument of architecture, built in the Baroque style. Also, it features elements of Rococo.

The cathedral has a tower, which has eight sides and performs the functions of a bell tower. The base of the tower is fortified by the presence of buttresses. Arched niches have round embrasures.

Two cube-shaped extensions were added to the building. A former residential complex of Bernardine Monastery has been preserved to present days. It was built in 1749 and rebuilt in the 70-ies of the XIX century.