The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk

The Cathedral is one of the most famous shrines in Minsk

Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk lasted through centuries and preserved its unique appearance. Every year it attracts not only a lot of curious tourists, who sees it during the Minsk sightseeing tour, but the true believers, as a lot of pilgrimage and religious tours lead to the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk.

The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk went from Catholicism to Orthodoxy

The temple history dates back to the XVII century, when the building of Bernardine convent was built. However, it stood for a short while: in the first half of the XVIII century the temple was already seriously damaged, and was abolished later in 1852.

The building of such an amazing beauty wasn’t empty for long. An Orthodox church was founded there with the later addition of a two-storied building, where the friary located. The temple has already acquired the modern name in 1961, being called the Holy Spirit Cathedral since then. In 1991 Patriarch Alexy II served all-night Vigil, and as the result the temple was officially allowed to serve the Divine Liturgy.

It is interesting that the church building wasn’t used directly as intended for a while. So, a transit prison, the state archives and even a gym were located there. Fortunately, all this has not affected the external and internal Cathedral condition.

Architectural appearance of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Minsk

As most of the buildings been built then, the Cathedral was carried out in accordance with the Baroque architectural style.

The Basilica has two tall towers with several tiers. There are graceful archways at the top tier. The towers are decorated with pilasters and other typical elements of Baroque. There is a shield with a curved contour between the towers.

As for the interior decoration, the entire room is divided into three naves. It is provided not with the blank walls, but with six massive columns.

Shrine of the Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk

Perhaps the most famous shrine of the the Holy Spirit Cathedral is the Mother of God icon, being kept in Minsk since 1500. There is quite an amusing legend related to it, according to which the first icon was kept in Kiev, being brought there by the Prince Vladimir from the trips to Byzantium back in the X century, and then it was thrown into the Dnieper by the Tatars during their invasion. And on 31 August in 1500 the citizens of Minsk fished it out of the river Svisloch mouth, then in the early XX century, it has made its way to the temple. According to some sources, the author of such an amazing work of religious art is the evangelist Luke, who portrayed the Mother of God with the baby in her arms. The icon distinguishes in accurate details and in the usage of rich, dark colours.

In addition to the Mother of God, the relics of Sophia Slutskaya, the granddaughter of the famous Anastasia, and the Great Martyr Barbara relics are kept in the Cathedral.

You should visit the Holy Spirit Cathedral with an excursion!

Only a professional guide will gladly dedicate you to the secrets of the construction and history of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Minsk. Together with him you will see all the sights of Minsk and walk through its streets, learning a lot about the capital of Belarus. Our sightseeing tours around Minsk will allow you to see the city in a different light:

Today, the Holy Spirit Cathedral is a kind of a spiritual gem of Minsk central part. Walking along the Nemiga, you willy-nilly admire the beautifully preserved building, holding such an amazing history and emboding so many shrines. And it’s definitely worth visiting the Cathedral during the regular divine services at least once.