Slutsk Museum of Local Lore
The main fund of the museum: more than 30 thousand museum items.
Collections: Archeology, Bonistics, Veksillology, Decorative and Applied Art, Documents, Painting, Graphics, Posters, Leaflets, Booklets, Numismatics, Clothes , "Books, brochures", "Sculpture", "Glass, porcelain", "Faleristics", "Philately", "Filokartiya", "Ethnography" and others.

Exposition: "History of the Sluchina from ancient times to modern times".

Description: The exposition presents ancient tools, ceramics, unique bone and wooden chess figures, stone and amber crosses from the 12th century, 17th century tiles with the Slutsk emblem, fragments of silk belts, Urech glass ware, tapestries, materials and personal belongings of famous countrymen.

Excursions: "Ancient city on the occasion", "The main events of the twentieth century", "Slutsk gymnasium - the oldest school in Belarus", "Slutsk belts - the pearl of the decorative and applied arts of Belarus", "Famous fellow countrymen", "The Edge in the Great Patriotic War" , "Cosmonautics and Slutina", "Native Nature" and others.

The building has survived incredibly in all the wars of the first half of the last century, and since 1952 there is the Slutsk Museum of Local Lore. Currently there is a reconstruction.