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Gromyko Square in Gomel

Gromyko Square in Gomel

Gomel, Soviet street 23

Parks, squares

Squares, parks and tracts are often the only green places in big cities. There is such an island of fresh air right in the center of Gomel. Square named A.A. Gromyko is a special place for Gomel residents and guests of the city. Behind him, one of the most interesting theaters in Gomel, the Puppet Theater, hid in its depths, there are real arches, replicas of world sights and an amazing fountain that beats right out of the ground ... But first things first. VETLIVA will tell you about the history of this square of Gomel and why it is obligatory to visit if you suddenly find yourself on a tour.

Pioneer Square, a monument Gromyko and all-all-all

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the usual urban garden was located here, where mostly children and families rested. Warm summer evenings were spent here, workers from factories, artisans, railway workers, and many others strove here.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: in spite of the fact that now the main place for recreation for Gomel residents is the city park, where the Rumyantsevs-Paskeviches palace and park complex is located, a hundred years ago it did not perform such a function. Therefore, the square replaced such a place. What could be better than walking through shady alleys, under the shadow of spreading lindens, maples and other trees! And the indigenous people still call the garden square.

In the 30s, the square was handed over to the pioneer organization, then it received its original name. Pioneer Square has become a meeting place for young people. By the way, in ancient times (perhaps, the old-timers, who lived in the city of Sozh all their life, even remember this fact), two plaster figures of a mountain boy and a girl decorated the entrance to the square.

At the turn of the XVIII and XIX centuries, the Orthodox cemetery was located here.

In 1989, a bust of A.A. Gromyko. The bust faces the street Sovetskaya. It is erected on a pedestal 3 m high, and the statue is made of bronze (1.1 m).

Historical note: Andrei Andreevich Gromyko - Soviet diplomat and statesman, in 1957-1985 - Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR, in 1985-1988 - Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Doctor of Economic Sciences (1956). He was born near Gomel, therefore his bust decorates the square of the same name now.

The square was renamed in 2009 - in honor of the centenary of the birth of the famous native of the Gomel region. And since then, he only prettier.

Leaning Tower, Colosseum and Kremlin in Gomel

Of course, nobody transported world masterpieces of architecture to the city of Polissya. Speech about models in Gomel - copies of world famous sights. To be photographed against the background of the Chinese wall, without visiting the Middle Kingdom? Easy! Take a selfie near the famous sail hotel, which the United Arab Emirates is famous for? Nothing is easier! And you shouldn’t shake at all in economy class and endure long hours of traveling in the desert - there are copies of the pyramids in Gomel too! Specialists from Homelgorsvet and Belarusian sights paid tribute: the Brest Fortress occupies an honorable place in a pleiad of layouts, and the National Library, like the Minsk original, is all lit and shows the exact time.

What else to see in the Gromyko Park in Gomel

In addition to layouts, stationary arches hung with festoons are installed in the park. When they are lit - the square is magically transformed. The silver and golden glow immerses everything around in a fabulous atmosphere, and the photos are simply magical!

And in honor of the 875 anniversary of the city, in 2018, after a long renovation, a fountain opened. It is without exaggeration one of the favorite places of children in the city!

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: fountains of this type are also called dry, because, having been contrived, you can walk under the jets without getting wet. Therefore, children are constantly competing, which of them is the most dexterous. And the fountain can be called the most friendly, because on the plates that surround it on the outer edge, the names of the twin cities of Gomel are marked.

Dedicate a day or two to the city on Sozh, especially since VETLIVA is happy to arrange comfortable accommodation for you. Here is what to see, where to walk and make breathtaking photos. Stock up on impressions that will warm you for many years!

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