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Sculpture "Architect" in Minsk

Sculpture "Architect" in Minsk


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The sculptures of Vladimir Ivanovich Zhbanov, a talented Belarusian architect from Minsk, invariably arouse the interest of children and adults, residents and guests of the capital. They can be found in various corners of the city, while they are available to everyone for taking photographs. This is the main purpose of the activities of the People's Sculptor.

The history of one sculpture

Not far from the Red Church, in the immediate vicinity of the Architecture and Town Planning Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee, there is a remarkable composition "Architect", serving as a kind of symbol of all city planners who created modern Minsk as we know and love it today.

The sculpture was created in 2007 by the famous and talented Vladimir Zhbanov, and its installation was timed to the Independence Day of the Republic. The purpose of the composition is to show respect to all who have invested their forces and talent in the face of the capital, from ancient times to today.

The three-meter figure of the architect leans over the most famous and familiar places in Minsk: an ancient castle with a wooden gate, from which the history of building and development of the city originates, architectural solutions in the baroque style so popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, which, moreover, is a symbol of the city of Magdeburg law received in this period, designed by the architect Langbard, the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater.

At the hand of the architect - projects and drawings of future buildings, which means that Minsk does not stand still and every year is enriched with new buildings and structures. In the expression of a person's face, you can see already emerging ideas about what contribution he wants to make to the appearance of the city.

It is interesting that in the original idea of ​​the author the town planner had to keep a pencil in his hand, as if imitating the process of creating a new masterpiece of architecture. However, it was later decided to focus not on the process, but on the thought.

Other "toys" of the author

This is what Zhbanov himself called his works. He sought to make art more accessible, not hiding his creations in the museum, and placing them on city streets.

In addition to the sculpture "The Architect", a horse drawn by the crew near the town hall is of great interest, a touching "Little General" under the building of the Suvorov school, a postman near the cinema "October", a lady with a dog and the photographer opposite her from the Komarovsky market, as well as many interesting compositions in the area of ​​St. Michael's Square. For his many years of activity, Jbanov has changed the face of the city, adding to it a number of bright and interesting compositions, which today are included in the city's excursions and cause true delight to the guests of Minsk.

Except Minsk, the sculptor left his contribution on the streets of other regional and district centers - Vitebsk, Mogilev, Lida, Bobruisk, and also abroad - in Russia, Ukraine and Germany.

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  • 10:00 Minsk, st. Bobruskaya, 4. Gathering the group under the scoreboard at the suburban ticket offices of the railway station. The guide will be with a badge under the board.
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