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Sculpture of Vladimir Zhbanov in Lida

Sculpture of Vladimir Zhbanov in Lida

Lida, Sculpture "Komandyrovochny" in Lyde

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A big industrial town Lida is located in the heart of the Grodno region. One may think that the town was named after “a good girl Lida” but, in fact, the name derives fr om an old Russian word “lyada”, which means “glade, place of felling trees”.

The Belarusian town of Lida is known since 1323 and has many wonderful historical sites – churches, cathedrals, Catholic churches, castles, and monuments. A sculpture of Vladimir Zhbanov is one of the most popular, especially among tourists, monuments in Lida. Its location was chosen not without reason. A traveler, wearing an old-fashioned costume of the 70s, sits on a suitcase near the central entrance of the hotel “Lida”. Undoubtedly, the sculpture has a special meaning: in Soviet times, vacant rooms in hotels were a rare phenomenon. That’s why the guest of Lida sits in anticipation of “miracle”, holding in one hand a map and offering the other hand for handshaking. By the way, this sculpture can help a traveler make his trip in Lida easy and fun but also help become richer. According to a legend, you should just step on a bronze tourist’s shoe.

The sculpture in Lida is not the only work of remarkable sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov. He created a graceful monument “A girl with an umbrella”. Sculptures “Vera Khoruzhaya” and “Tanya” can be found at the National Art Museum of Belarus. A sculpture-fountain “Golden shamrock” is located on the main square of Molodechno. Street monuments “Bath attendant Vasya” and “Smoking man” are “funny” author's sculptures, located in the capital of Belarus.

Lida is rich in different sculptures that attract the attention of tourists. A bronze coat of arms is a symbol of Lida – a majestic monument “A lion with keys”. In 1993, the first monument to Frantsisk Skorina appeared in Lida. The monument represents the power of human thought, wisdom, and knowledge.

Not far from the sculpture, you will see the famous Lida Castle – an ancient monument of defensive architecture, built in 1323 by Duke Gediminas. The castle is a red brick fortress with two towers. The Lida Castle was attacked several times and was almost destroyed. Different cultural and entertaining programs occur in the castle despite the fact that restoration works have been taking place in recent decades. For example, people can skate in winter and tournaments and competitions in archery take place in summer.

“Wedding of Jagiello in the Lida castle” is a popular excursion. Tourists as a bride and groom may take part in an ancient rite of marriage. This unusual excursion is connected with historical events that took place in Lida in 1422. According to a legend, old Jagiello and 17-years-old beauty Sophia got married there.

You can see funny and symbolic sculptures in Lida on your own or within excursions. You can stay in the hotel “Lida” wh ere “the traveler” of Vladimir Zhbanov sits.


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, Lida , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 250 km
, Lida , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 211 km

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