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The sculpture “Girl with an owl” in Minsk

The sculpture “Girl with an owl” in Minsk


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One of the most remarkable and loved by many people monuments for children cosily located in the Trinity Suburb of Minsk city. Its sheer value is in the presence of lots of interesting and vivid compositional elements, in each of which some hidden meaning can be found if desired, and it can make you think philosophically. It is enough just to stop for a few minutes in a large city noise and to be alone or with “the girl”.

Peculiarities of the sculpture

Sculptor L. Zilber is the author of “Girl with an owl”. No one knows for sure, what was the motive to create this composition and what initial idea the creator tried to convey to us, however this just strengthens interest of the residents and guests of the country.

Thus, the sculpture itself consists of several key elements:

a fragile little girl with decisive expression on her young face;

an owl, flying next to her and as if pointing the way with one wing, and with the other – closing its partner from trouble;

a blooming fern, on whose leaves the girl stands. There are three buds on it altogether. According to the legend, if a person finds a “fern-flower” with buds in the Ivan Kupala night, this brings him happiness for his whole life. Although many scientists are still sure, that a blooming fern doesn’t exist at all;

 a lizard at the girl’s bare foot;

Three boulder, being the foundation of the composition. There is a figure on the largest one, and the two more are scattered on each side. Probably, this relates to the location of the “Girl and an owl” sculpture – in Trinity Suburb.

Philosophical interpretation

Everyone has a right to determine the meaning of the sculpture, but the following interpretation enjoys greater popularity among people, especially in creative environment.

Looking at the composition, it is worth determining for yourself, what is more important at the moment: owl’s wisdom, glory, which is included into fern’s image, love for art in its genuine interpretation (a girl’s image symbolizes nothing less, than a muse in this case) or wealth, put in the lizard’s figure.

On the other hand, a girl’s image with an owl can be made a key one, which protects her from trouble and from any rash action, judging by the heroine’s face expression.

Today the “Girl with an owl” is rightly appreciated as some kind of unofficial symbol of the whole Trinity Suburb, attracting the majority of tourists. You can walk on block pavement, make acquaintance with the XIX century architecture, including houses’ original tile-roofs, you can visit museums or spend time in one of the numerous cafes.

There is a great number of monuments and sculptures, dedicated to children in Minsk. The “Girl with an owl”, made of bronze, is one of the most popular and favourite sculptures along with Marat Kazey figure in the park of the same name, and perhaps, the most tragic and graceful. 

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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 45 km
, Minsk , Belarus
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