Synagogue in Ivye

Synagogue in Ivye


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Ivye, a town of four religions, is located in the Grodno region. People call it small Istanbul, Jerusalem, or Ivye de Janeiro since a unique replica of the statue of Cristo Rei is located in this town while the original can be found in a Portuguese town Almada. However, similar statues can be found in Brazil, Poland, and Bolivia.

A snow-white majestic monument "In honor of the friendship and harmony of confessions in Ivye" confirms that Ivye is a town of four religions - each side is directed towards a church, Catholic church, mosque, and synagogue.

The Jewish people play an important role in the history and culture of Belarus. Before the Great Patriotic War, more than 76% of inhabitants in Ivye were Jews. Of course, it influenced the architecture of the town. Ivye is divided into several religious areas. Jews lived in the shtetl, where more than 150 houses belonged to them and several synagogues - for poor Jews, artisans, and rich Jews. Nowadays, several Jewish houses of prayer are preserved. Most of them were destroyed in 1929.

One of the preserved synagogues was built in the XIX century. However, the house of prayer stopped performing its primary function a long time ago. Nowadays, it is occupied by a sports school. You will see another synagogue not far from the synagogue mentioned above. It is occupied by a grocery store. If you are interested in the history and culture of the Jewish people, it is recommended to visit the Museum of National Cultures, which is also located in the town Ivye. There are four regular exhibitions dedicated to the history and culture of the town, tragic events of World War II, and, of course, Tatars, Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

It is interesting to see other religious sites of the Belarusian town Ivye. Murovschizna is a small settlement, where industrious Tatars live, characterized by beautiful landscapes, large greenhouses, and rich harvest. Here you may visit the Tatar mosque, which is an exotic example of wooden architecture. The dome of the mosque is decorated with a half-moon. The Tatar mosque was erected in 1882 but its original appearance is preserved present days. It is important to note that during the war the mosque in Ivye was the only one which functioned. On the days of national holidays, many believers, both local and visitors coming from other towns of the Grodno region, gather in the mosque.

The Catholic Church is located near the statue of Jesus Christ. It belongs to the Baroque style. Also, you will see the Bernardine monastery – its facade is decorated with figures of Peter and Paul. The monastery was consecrated in honor of Peter and Paul.

Despite many confessions, the Belarusian town Ivye is peaceful and welcoming. During the existence of the town, there were no conflicts on religious grounds. Perhaps, that’s why Ivye is also called the capital of tolerance.

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