The Nemnovo Lock of the Augustow Canal

The Augustow Canal is an interesting monument of old times, which covers many kilometres, so it lies through Poland and lands of the picturesque Grodno region. These wonderful places are perfect for recreation and attract many tourists from Belarus and other countries. Travelers can enjoy picturesque panoramic views, see historical and cultural sights, and admire functioning locks – there are several locks in the Belarusian territory. The “Nemnovo” Lock of the Augustow Canal is the most extended.

Initially, the “Nemnovo” Lock was fully designed by Ignatiy Prondzinsky and was built by Yan Pavel Level, whose name appears on a special plate attached to the structure. The “Nemnovo” Lock was designed with two chambers in 1829. However, over time, it was necessary to build a third additional chamber. Not so long ago, a fourth chamber appeared which is now functioning. There is a massive metal gate, produced in one of the domestic enterprises and old drawbridges.

However, the lock was destroyed because of military actions. Recently, it was completely restored. Nowadays, the lock brings joy to numerous tourists. By the way, the lock is functioning by human power like in the past centuries despite the huge progress in science and technology.

While travelling through the historical Augustow Canal, you may visit a warden's house, preserved since the XIX century. Nowadays, there is an interesting museum dedicated to the long and intriguing history of the most important Belarusian-Polish waterway, opened by enthusiasts, who collected the most valuable exhibits. The excursion program is short but very interesting and informative, starting with old yellowed drawings, projects, photos of past years, as well as used spare parts.

The “Nemnovo” Lock of the Augustow Canal is the longest of all locks – your journey will last for long hours and you will remember it for a long time.