Serguch Canal

The history of appearance

Serguch Canal presents a cycling route. It refers to one of the parts of a waterway “From the Vikings to the Greek”.  The length of this route is about 20km and it goes through the territory of two forestries – Domgeritsky and Kraytsevsky. The major part of the cycling route passes along paved roads, and about 25% of the rest roads are unpaved. By completing this way from beginning to end you can get acquainted with the delightful and charming nature of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve that covers these lands, and also to learn the entire history of this ancient picturesque district.

The description of Serguch Canal

All around the circuit of Serguch Canal there are 4 stations for rest, so-called halts. They include: a station at the barrage, one at the landing stage, one at the natural boundaries Kuty and the last one near the village Kraitsy.

The first halt is the natural boundaries “Pristan”. Here one can learn that Serguch Canal is a part Berezina water system that was built at the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries to connect the Zapadnaya Dvina and Dnepr by means of the Berezina, and the whole water system of this area begins with Serguch Canal.

The second halt is at the barrage. At earlier times it was the main barrier of the downstream of the Serguch River and served to direct water into Serguch Canal.

Not far away from the second station there is the next one – near the village Kraitsy. Here there is an interesting monument that was erected to the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War. In this area there are a lot of such monuments. It shows that during the war the partisan movement actively functioned there. In the period of the war, in 1943, the village was burnt, but later it was reconstructed. A greater part of people at pensionable age and few staff members of the reserve live in modest houses of the village.

And at last the forth transit point of the cycling route is the natural boundaries Kuty. In the 50-s of the XX century when the reserve temporally ceased to exist, the natural resources were severely affected there. The damage impacted the whole protected zone, but “Kuty” was harmed more than the rest territory. Later, during the better period for the development of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, there were held successful rehabilitation works over the whole natural complex.

The whole excursion lasts about 4 hours. For this rather short period of time you can love with all your heart the nature of this reserve and want to come back there once again.

The excursion around this area will be interesting for all fans of cognitive and active recreation in Belarus. Nowadays the trip to Serguch Canal is included into many guided tours, one of which is known as “Animal Paths”.