The Airplane Monument in Schuchin

In the late XX century, in 1999, there was established an airplane monument. This sculpture is one of the striking attractions of the town which definitely deserves attention while visiting the Grodno region.

However, maybe it is not correct to call the installed Mig-25 a sculpture. The thing is that this is not a model but a real airplane that once served in the army. Are you anxious to look at it? Then you, certainly, should go to the Belarusian town Schuchin to look at this iron bird.

Schuchin is a Town of Pilots

It is not a coincidence that the airplane monument is located in the territory of the city. The thing is that since 1990 to 1991 different air bases and units were stationed at this Belarusian town. The most interesting thing is that, as we can judge now, these are Mig-25 planes that were in Schuchin. Of course, not all that were produced during the Soviet period, but it is safe to say that most.

The Airplane Monument

All tourists wonder whether the appearance of the airplane changed or it was installed in the town in its original form. It is clear that the color of the plane is natural metal color. The aircraft served in Baranovichi in the 1st fighter aviation regiment. But the monument is officially dedicated to the 10-th reconnaissance aviation regiment of Moscow-Konigsberg Order of Suvorov of the 3rd Degree. This regiment was in the territory of Schuchin until the late XX century.

Interesting to everyone

If you plan your route in advance and have already decided to visit the town Schuchin, don't forget to take a look at this attraction unusual for a town. Agree that not in every location of Belarus you can see a real plane. Especially the excursion will be loved by children. They like so much to touch the "living" monument. However, adults will have much to see and to learn.

In addition to the history of the airplane monument in Schuchin, its present and recent past are also of great interest. So, the locals and tour guides are sure to remember that in 2013 it was planned to move the aircraft to the regional center - Grodno. There a special site for the installation of the plan had been chosen. Popularly visited by tourists and also beloved by the local population – the Museum under the open sky.

Decided not to Change Everything

However, the plans were not to be and the airplane monument remained in such native Schuchin. It is all thanks to the residents of the city. They defended the right of the monument to adorn the town. It should be said that this justice is to the liking of tourist that now com to Schuchin. They have their pictures taken against the background of the airplane, listen attentively to the guide, and visit other interesting places in the town.

However, the airplane monument is everyone’s favorite that cannot but rejoice! So be sure to schedule a meeting with an iron bird in the town Schuchin.