Safari Park in Pripyatskiy National Park
Safari Park is located on the territory of the Pripyatsky Reserve. Its huge territory is enclosed with a fence so that the animals do not run away.
A little information:
  • park area - 260 hectares;
  • fence length - 6km;
  • the length of the tourist route - 8 km.
Guests can enter the safari park through 5 entrances, which are equipped with wooden stylized gates.

In the park there are interesting objects:
  • Manor "Santa Claus",
  • "Ancient Settlement",
  • "Karchma",
  • sculptural compositions of fantastic characters and characters of ancient epics and legends.
Flora and fauna of the Safari Park

The flora of the park is represented by woodland and marshland. Here you can find different types of forests and a variety of different trees (for example, oak, birch, pine, etc.). Also in the park there are 3 types of swamps.

As for the fauna, then you can find boars, fallow deer, elks, roes, hares, many different species of birds (for example, eagles, black grouse, etc.).

Tourists can feed the animals and get to know each other closer; several dozen feeding stations have been created on the territory of the park.