The Rock Garden in Smorgon

A visit to the Smorgon town will be incomplete without an excursion to the rock garden. It is a rather new attraction, but it has become a favorite among the townsmen and tourists. Now in a local Park, you may not only simply walk, but also walk with meaning.

Why it is a stone

Being experienced travellers, you are sure to think that stone sculptures are not the best idea. However, one might argue because, first of all, stone is an available material. On the other hand, if there is some fantasy, the stone can be easily turned into a real masterpiece.

So if you still think whether to go in Smorgon or not and walk around the rock garden, our friendly advice to you is not to hesitate!

Why to go

The fact is that nine sculptures adorning the park were made during the outdoor activities and they were created in a friendly creative atmosphere. Not only professional sculptors but also newcomers created it.

Of course, every inspired master tried to create something special to demonstrate his character. Someone tried to surprise the residents of the town. And someone was in a world of his own. In any case, another attraction, rather funny and original, appeared in Smorgon.

What to see

Walking through the garden of stones, you will meet with quite real characters. It will be interested not only to have pictures taken with them. Besides, you will see unusual sculptures, the origin of which you can think for yourself. By the way, this excursion to the rock garden will be perfect for kids. It will help them to develop creative taste and to get acquainted with art at an early age.

In the rock garden you can come across can sculptures with natural elements. It is due to the fact that nature is one of the main inspirations of the man. Besides, not only inspires, but also helps a person to relax.

What else could be better after a stressful trip by car or tour bus?

Everything is primarily for tourists

It's just a good idea: take a seat on the bench, looking at magnificent works of art in the open air among the leaves of trees and bushes. This excursion is sure to please all tourists without exception.

It is another great tourist “path” as to its idea and performance, which, no doubt, will have more and more guests. It is because nothing inspires people to travel so much as places filled with beauty. So feel free to take a guide to Belarus and tick the town of Smorgon. Be lucky with fellow travellers!