The Ruins of the Sapiehas’ Castle in the Golshany Village

One of the medieval castles of Belarus: Golshansky Castle

Probably each student in Belarus can tell you about Golshany. Why? The thing is that every generation of Belarusians fr om year to year study the creative work of Vladimir Korotkevich in Belarusian literature classes. Thanks to his works we know who live in such a mysterious place as Golshany and what this place is famous for.

History of the construction of a medieval castle in Golshany

It will also be useful to know about what has been happening in the castle up to now. So, what do we know? The castle was built approximately in the early XVII century. At the time it was beyond the village. Unfortunately, the castle has not withstood both the First and the Second World Wars. In such difficult times this historical heritage was destroyed.

The ruins of the castle of Sapieha in the village of Golshany in our time

Whatever you say, the Sapiehas’ castle has preserved its majesty even being ruined. The tower rising above and numerous massive walls of huge sizes enjoy admiration of both adults and children. By the way, a lot of children come for excursions. Agree that children are delighted by different survived buildings, which are located outdoors, and which can be touched. So if you prefer to make a trip across Belarus with children, include the Sapiehas’ castle located in Golshany in your list.

The festivals of the Middle Ages in Golshany

It is important to know that the ruins of the Sapiehas’ castle in Golshany are also a site for various festivals and celebrations. Look in the guides events planned for this year, and you will be able to discover Golshany in another vein. You will become a participant of the unique activity, will be able to reconstruct some events and, of course, to learn something new.

Excursion tours with a visit to Golshany and the medieval castle of Sapieha

Prepare for your trip to this amazing place in advance. Be lucky with the weather, and you can capture your experience of visiting the ruins of the Sapiehas’ castle in the best shape. They say that sometimes you want to return to the place wh ere it has already visited. You are sure to have such places. Let you have one more place in your travel list. You can go to Golshany on your own, or to go in a tourist group. 

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