Lake Rogoznyanskoe

This lake is one of the pearls in the lake necklace of the Pribugsky region, a favorite place of recreation for residents of Brest region, the near and far abroad.

It is located not far fr om Brest (29 km), but the main landmark, the village of Rogozna, is only 3-4 km from the lake. Its territory is surrounded by a flat, in some places swampy land, but it is mostly covered with a dense mixed forest. A wide floodplain, water meadow, lofty banks, from which one can see the water surface, are all the features of Lake Rogoznyanskoe.

Shallow water, suitable for swimming, is muddy or sandy. The greatest depths are in the central part of the lake and are about 5.8 m. The average depth is about 2 m.

In the south-west the lake is connected by canal with Lake Beloe, with a system of soil-reclamation canals and the Western Bug River. Different species of fish, typical for this natural zone, live in the lake. Recreational fishing is paid.

Not far from the lake there is a sanatorium “Berestie”. There is a farmstead “Honey meadow” in the north-west (it can attract tourists with excursions, the organization of fishing, hunting with a camera, picking mushrooms and berries, the apiary and hire of catamarans).

Lake Rogoznyanskoe is relatively small but it welcomes everybody very hospitably offering to everyone a rest according to his interests. Sanatoriums, hunting, fishing, orienteering, natural recreation, the most picturesque landscapes of Belarusian land, clean air are all presented by the local natural environment.   


It would seem that everything has already been said. What could be better and more interesting than the already mentioned advantages of Lake Rogoznyanskoe? But no, we should add lyrics. Moreover it is not far-fetched and lives together with the lake, describing it as everything listed above.

Since olden times people have inhabited lakes with all sorts of pagan creatures in their folklore. And it is true, who knows what is hidden in this stagnant water in the middle of a forest! Isn’t the calm water surface of the lake deceptive?

Lake Rogoznyanskoe is not an exception. The legend says:

Once upon a time there lived two foresters: one of them lived on Lake Beloe and the other one lived on Lake Rogoznyanskoe. The forester from Lake Rogoznyanskoe had two sons, nice fellows, and friendly brothers. The other forester had a daughter, who turned from a nice girl to a beautiful lady: she had an attractive appearance as well as a kind and gentle temper. It just happened that having become adult the girl from Lake Beloe and the eldest of the brothers felt an attraction to each other.  But then she met the younger brother and she liked him too. She went out on dates with each of the brothers. Being an honest and fair girl, she felt burdensome in such an ambiguous situation. She did not want to deceive anyone, so once she made an appointment with both brothers at the same time to meet and resolve everything. But she was late for the meeting and the brothers, having seen each other at the place for the date, understood everything. Indignantly the elder brother took a knife and struck the younger one in the chest, and then he killed himself with the same knife. It was unbearable for him to realize what he had done.   

When the girl came, she saw such a sad picture and in a grief plunged into the waters of the lake. But the lake did not accept her as a drowned person but accepted her as a mermaid. Two oaks grew up at the place wh ere the brothers had died. Every year on the day of their death the mermaid emerges from the depths of the waters, comes to the oaks and pours belated tears.

It happened more than 400 years ago but the poetry of storytelling is still alive in the retelling of the locals, in the mysterious canopy of trees in the forest, deep in the calm waters.