The residence of Belarusian Grandfather Frost in the village of Kamenyuki

Where should a fairy tale live, if not in a dark forest, under the canopy of old trees, in the atmosphere of primeval nature? We have such a tale! The tale about a New Year miracle and fulfillment of wishes is well-known, but it is ours.

The residence of Belarusian Grandfather Frost in Belovezhskaya Pushcha

It is situated near the village of Kamenyuki. Belarusian Grandfather Frost lives in the national park of Belarus Belovezhskaya Pushcha since 2003. It is his residence.   

The kingdom of a tale covers almost 15 hectares. There is definitely something for everyone!

The sights of the residence of Belarusian Father Frost

At the entrance visitors will be met by Vyaz Vyazovich and Dub Dubovich. They will wish to leave all the bad outside of the Residence of Grandfather Frost and let a tale be good and never end. And then begins a joyful journey on the roads of a fairy tale.

All children want to make a wish on New Year’s Day because it undoubtedly will come true. In the Residence of Grandfather Frost there are a lot of places where you can do it and even should do it.

For example, these are the sculptures of Twelve Months: if you address a request to the month of your birth and touch it, your dream will come true without fail.

Not far away there is a fairy pond where a real Frog Princess lives. Belarusian Grandfather Frost has also a mill. It is endowed with a feature to mill all the bad. It works mills! If a man stands next to it and touches it, he will feel relieved: all the bad has turned to dust and vanished. Of course, there is a magic well!

But main place is the house of Grandfather Frost. It is beautiful and fretted as if it was transferred from a fairy tale. It was built according to our customs, not foreign ones. Here lives the most important character, Grandfather Frost. He has a two-storey apartment; everything is antique inside as nobody does it any more today.  He welcomes guests, congratulates, and listens to wishes and talks about all the good. The central place of the whole Residence is a throne room; in spite of generosity, Grandfather Frost is the ruler of winter, the ruler of a winter forest.

His granddaughter, Snow Maiden, has a room in a separate house; she also meets guests with congratulations. In this house, there is Skarbnitsa (Treasury). It contains presents, congratulations and children’s letters. Here sit the assistants of Grandfather Frost: they answer letters and do business. Grandfather Frost has its own web-site in the Internet; and not a single letter to him will be left without an answer. But it is better to tell to him face to face, as a personal meeting with Grandfather Frost promises to be interesting.  

The costumes of Grandfather and his granddaughter are beautiful and magnificent; being near them one can always feel a holiday spirit.

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At night everything is illuminated with miracle lights: the pond, the composition consisted of snowmen, the enchanted elk. And the main Queen is a Fir Tree!  The excellent Fir Tree is 40 meters height; it is the highest in Europe, the most beautiful.

Baba-Yaga, Koshchei the Deathless, dwarfs and many others (you cannot enumerate all of them) take part in festival shows.

Sometimes bisons come from outside, from the fence, to welcome the visitors. Where else can such happen if not in a forest reserve?! There is also a Museum of nature consisting of three halls. It is informative that Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a home for many animals and plants, some of which are unique and cannot be seen anywhere else.

The Residence is full of life during the all seasons of the year. There is always something to see; you can rest if you get tired from impressions, or you can eat meals of the national cuisine, cooked according to original recipes.

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The tale waits for its visitors, invites and welcomes guests. And there is also… No, it is better to come and see all the miracles, because it is impossible to enumerate all of them! 

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