Republican landscape reserve "Sarochan lakes"
A natural complex considered typical for the Belarusian Lake district. Its complex relief with a predominance of cream and pink hills is of glacial origin.

The reserve was established in 1998 to preserve the unique natural complex, as well as rare species of plants and animals. The area is 13480 hectares . The relief of the southeastern part of the reserve is represented by the Svir regional ridge. There are 14 lakes located on the territory of the reserve, located one after another. The total area of the lakes is only 4 square kilometers, but the length is about 20 kilometers. The Sarochan Lakes Nature Reserve is home to 11 species of plants and 22 species of animals protected by the Red Book of Belarus.

Recreation areas are equipped on the shores of lakes, tourist routes have been developed.

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00, break 13:00-14:00
Contact phone numbers: +375 (1591) 7-06-77