Wornyany drawbridge: Belarusian St. Petersburg

Wornyany drawbridge: Belarusian St. Petersburg


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The drawbridge is a convenient construction that is designed to pass large vessels. Buildings of this type are typical for large cities located on the coast or full-flowing canals.

It is well known that movable bridges are the hallmark of St. Petersburg. Often, tourists travel to the cultural capital of Russia exclusively for the sake of this spectacular show. And what if we tell you where in Belarus you can see a drawbridge? Of course, the scale of the city on the Neva, you will not find here, but you will see a wonderful wooden bridge. Speech about Vornyany - a village in the Ostrovets district of the Grodno region.

Varniany village: manor, church, drawbridge

Despite its size, Varniany is quite an ancient and rich in sights an agro-town. It was first mentioned in the annals back in 1391. Pronsky, Svirsky and Abramovich owned the Varnians. By the way, thanks to the last, the drawbridge appeared in Varniany. In addition, one of the founders of the reform movement in Belarus - Yan Abramovich - also comes fr om this dynasty. Varniany was depicted on his canvas by the famous Belarusian artist Napoleon Orda, and the first church on these lands appeared at the beginning of the 16th century. In addition to the drawbridge, in Varniany you can see:

  • the graceful church of St. George, erected in 1767–1769 and included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values ​​of the Republic of Belarus;
  • well-saved fragments of historical buildings (the end of the 18th – 1st half of the 20th century) - houses of a priest, pharmacist, servant;
  • the palace and park ensemble of Abramovich and the watch tower on the island (end of the 19th century);
  • old cemeteries.

There was once a palace in Varniany, which was also built by Abramovich. Unfortunately, the monument of architecture did not survive the First World War. But partially preserved park. However, not for this, first of all, tourists come to Ostrovets region. They are attracted here by a drawbridge, because it is the only one in Belarus.

The history of the unique sights

The drawbridge in Varniany appeared thanks to the owners of the town - the Abramovich dynasty. The construction connects the land and the island, where at the end of the XIX century the estate owners erected a tower. In order to prevent wild animals from getting to the island, they made the bridge adjustable. By the way, an interesting legend is connected with the tower, which the local guide Irina Kazak happily tells:

“Once the owner of the estate was Marcianna Abramovich. And she had a son who fell in love with a governess. The mother could not come to terms with the whim of her son and give consent to a misalliance. The girl drowned herself in a pond, and the tower has since been considered a local symbol of love. ”

Varnany bridge and modernity

In our time, the Vornyansky Bridge is privately owned. The legend told by the guides is true or not, we will not know, but the newlyweds chose the place covered with romantic legends. In the elegant four-story tower you can easily feel yourself as a resident of a real medieval castle and hide from everyone: if you wish, you can rent a cozy room on the top floor of the tower. When the drawbridge is raised, you become the owner of the tower and the lands around it.

The island is equipped with a recreation area. Tables, gazebos, barbecues for cooking kebabs - and all this in a secluded corner on a small but cozy island. The perfect pastime is guaranteed!

If you are planning a trip to Varniany, it is better to stay in this agro-town of Ostrovetsky district for a few days. On the first day, stroll along its streets, take a picture of the beautiful historical buildings and visit the ancient church of St. George. And to devote the second day to rest - you will agree, wh ere else will the whole island be at your disposal?

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