The town hall in Chechersk

The town of Chechersk has been known in chronicles since late XII century. Its name comes from the name of the river Chechera, on which the town is situated. In 1511, Chechersk town of Gomel region was granted a Magdebourg right (a right for autonomy) and then Rada began to rule it. But it turned out that there wasn’t any suitable building for its meetings in the town. Then it was decided to build a wooden town hall, which hasn’t presered to the present day.

There was a surge of construction in the town in the second half of the XVIII century. By order of the graph Zakhar Chernyshev, a new town hall was built, which stands in the town nowadays. It looks very beautiful and compact outward. The upper part of the town hall is decorated with five towers. Four of them are located on each side and one is in the middle. Even if we take into consideration that they are made of wood, but anyway, they look elegant in combination with the stone building. The towers themselves are decorated with stones, that is why it’s impossible to tell them from stone ones apart. The architectural decoration of the town hall is not typical for the art norms of the late XVIII century. Elements are borrowed from Gothic style in its architecture – such as niches, pointed arches, which look pretty good with the elements of classical architecture.

Architects appreciate the town hall of Chechersk as one of the most uncommon. Only five of such town halls have been left in Belarus: in Slonim, Nesvizh, Vitebsk, Shklov and surely in Chechersk.

There is its own peculiarity in the town hall: if you look at it from different sides, then you can notice that it is designed in classicism from once side, in Gothic style from the other side, and sometimes the elements of Eastern style can be seen.

The town hall closes the view of the town’s main road and takes a central place in the town.

The Chechersk town hall is a unique monument of Belarusian classicism. Strictness of forms, centricity of the composition and the symmetry of the construction speak for it. The element of a defense building are also inherent in it, but the town hall has never been used for defensive aims. The elements of such kind just add a decorative design to it.

In 1974, the town hall was damaged during large fire. It was being reconstructed during more than 30 years. Today there is a historial and ethnographical museum here, tourist can visit it. The exposition of the museum consists of ancient icons and archeological artifacts, found during the excavations. Earlier, there had been a school of icon-painting.

A wonderful panoramic town view is opened from the sightseeing point on the fourth floor of the town hall.

The guests of Chechersk should visit the main attraction of the town, get acquainted with its history as well as enjoy the wonderful view of the entire town.