City Hall and the shopping arcade in Nesvizh

Nesvizh: it was founded to be the jewel of Belarus

Imagine a European city of the early XVII century. The center of any of them wasthe City Hall with the shopping arcade. Nesvizh was not an exception. Those days it had already received the right to self-government as well as the majority of the Belarussian cities. The unique building of the City Hall with the shopping arcade was built in the so-called “Belarussian Paris”. The newly formed municipal authority sat there.

The Clock on the City Hall in Nesvizh                                                      

The building of the City Hall represented a high tower beautified with the clock and the bell. Two trade rows adjoined the building. The Magistrates hall was the most significant room of the City Hall. There were a treasury and an archive.

The City Hall was very busy to administer justice, organize concerts and various celebrations. The shopping mall was also very active. It was a place of brisk trade where lots of goods were selling.

Around the middle of the XVIII century the complex was reconstructed. One more trade raw was built. Thus, the trade had become even more intensive. By the way at that time there were 52 shops in the arcade.

However Nesvizh literally suffered from fires. The City Hall with the shopping arcade had the bitter fate as well. After that the building was reconstructed many times. The municipal authorities sat there in different times.

Before the Second World War, the City Hall building was adapted for the police and the city administration. After 1945 the local House of Culture got its registration in the City Hall. In different years the building hosted the House of Pioneers and the children's library.

The reconstruction of one of the main sights of Nesvizh.

It was decided to return the former appearance to the City hall in 1997. Starting with this year the countdown of the building restoration had begun. Step by step the City Hall has become an integral part of Neswizh as it was centuries ago.

In 2004 the great reconstruction was over. The upper levels of the tower were restored. The sound of the clock again pleased the citizens. It became possible to look at the town square from the observation deck. Walking along the corridors on the second floor you can enjoy the views of the past.  There is a museum exhibition called “Nesvizh municipal government of the XVIII – the first half of the XIX century”.

It is also possible to appreciate the taste of the local dishes here. On the first floor of the City Hall there is a restaurant that can offer the visitors the dishes of traditional Belarusian as well as European cuisine.

Nesvizh - the tourist paradise for lovers of ancient archietecture

Nesvizh is a tourist paradise for gourmets, for the experts in luxury and pomp. Culture history and nature interlaced in this beautiful city. That is probably the influence of the magnificent past. And probably Nesvizh can’t be different. This Belarusian town is founded to be a tourist jewel of our country. Fortunately destructive fires as well as numerous wars and revolutions were not able to deprive the town of its status. That means that the clock on the Nesvizh City Hall will strike noon many times, proclaiming the majesty and beauty of the town. You can see at unique monuments of architecture of Nesvizh, such as The palace and park complex, having booked one of our fascinating excursions across Belarus:

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