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The Nature and ecology Museum in Polotsk

The Nature and ecology Museum in Polotsk



The official opening of the Nature and Ecology Museum in Polotsk took place on 3 September 2005. This Museum is part of the National Polotsk Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

The exhibition items of the Museum are exposed in the water tower, built in 1953. For a long time the building of the tower was empty and the authorities could not agree on what to place in it. However, after long disputes it was agreed to give the territory the tower to the museum. So there appeared the unique Nature and Ecology Museum. However, the museum staff decided that the museum should have its own feature and for this reason the tower need to be reconstructed. So it was decided to move the staircase to the center.

The Museum consists of four levels connected by a spiral staircase presenting the tree of life. Each tier is unique. It contains the secrets of nature in Belarus.

The first level is called "Belarus is our home". It is possible to see the diversity of species and the uniqueness of nature in Belarus.

The second level is "the Dowry of civilization." There are collected all the ecological problems that relate to the life of the modern town.

The third level is "the Conservation Areas". Here visitors can get acquainted with the nature reserves, natural monuments of Belarus, and also with the species of plants, animals and birds listed in the Red Book.

On the fourth level there are a cinema, a lecture hall, and an observation deck offering a wonderful view of the city.

In the territory adjacent to the museum building you can see a small garden with trees and flowers, and a pond recently inhabited by small fish. From the earliest spring to late autumn you can admire and smell the flowers and see the variety of colors and shapes of leaves of the trees in the park. Near the pond the gardener Svetlana Urban has created a small crane made of old grass, which as if bent over the water.

Viewing of the exposition of the museum starts from the sculpture by V. Slobodchikov "Fish in the Sun" that was awarded the Diploma of I degree at the International Exhibition in China. It is the first that makes the guests think about the nature of their native land, ecology, and the relationship of human and nature.

The Museum staff has recently invented an interesting and exciting tour for young visitors called "the Kaleidoscope of Mysteries and Discoveries." Its gist is that young researchers themselves pass through all the levels of the museum, get acquainted with all the exhibits and artifacts, and an in- game guide helps them. The most attentive and curious spectators that have passed all the tasks at the end get a prize.

Visiting the museum will be interesting for both adults and children. The guides will conduct a fascinating journey into the world of the Belarusian nature, talk about its secrets.

In the course of the exhibition a guide talks about the mysteries of the Belarusian nature and discoveries. There are thematic exhibitions for children that help them to plunge into the world of nature of their native country.

Every year the museum is visited by adults and young visitors from all parts of Belarus, as well as by numerous tourists from other countries.


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