The Parish in Honor of the Icon of the Mother of God "All Who Sorrow" in Minsk

We all know what happened in April of 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This tragedy claimed many lives and broke even more lives. In the territory of Belarus there were built temples that preserve the memory of this accident. Among them there is the Temple of the icon of the Mother of God "All Who Sorrow".

The temple was built in Minsk in commemoration of the fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. Naturally, the first stone was laid on 26 April 1991. In order to sanctify the site and to bless the parishioners the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II came. He also gave the icon whose name and gave the name to the temple. During the whole process of construction divine services were held in a simple army tent, which was converted for worship. The first liturgy in the newly built temple was also conducted by Alexy II on 23 June 1995.

Do you know that this temple is the first Orthodox temple that was erected in the territory of the Republic of Belarus after 1914? Its construction lasted 14 years, and was finished in 2008. The Cathedral is 70 meters high. In the Republic of Belarus it is included in the list of the largest cathedrals. Due to the fact that it is situated on the highest geographical point of Minsk, it can be seen from any place of the city. In architectural terms the temple is built in pseudo-Byzantine style with elements of North-Russian architecture. The complex includes a variety of auxiliary buildings, among which there are an education corpus, workshops and a belfry.

 The construction of the education corpus was started in 1994 and the first priests of the temple began to serve there in 1997. Today the workshops of the temple employ more than 70 people who have physical and mental disabilities. Their work is used in sewing, printing, carpentry, production. There is also a workshop for production of decorative and religious candles. Apart from jobs people can get support, confidence, and understanding in the temple. Since August 2002 a course of professional rehabilitation for people with mental and physical disabilities has been conducted, partially funded by the German federal government. This course provides an opportunity to young people to rejoin society. The course is aimed in the professional field is to assist people applied in choosing a future profession, endowing them with the interest for work, education and personal development. But, apart from learning new skills, applicants are engaged there in the study of Orthodoxy. This part of education contributes to the spiritual growth of the pupils, making them full members of the Orthodox life.

On 31 December 1995 a bell tower was erected in the territory of the temple. Certainly, a school of bell ringers was established at the temple. There is also a church choir, among the members of which there are students of the Conservatory. Today the choir is known far beyond the Republic of Belarus, it is the winner of competitions and festivals.