The Holy Trinity Orthodox Temple in Krivichi

The small town of Krivichi is situated in Minsk region not far from the town Myadel, between the Lake Naroch and the Vileiskoye water reservoir. It is interesting because despite its size there are a lot of churches and temples. According to some evidence there was a monastery. The fact that there are houses for many faiths in Krivichi can be explained by the rapid change of authorities. At various times, it was under the sway of the nobility of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, a part of Poland and Russia, and even under the monastery’s control.

The Holy Trinity in Krivichi was first mentioned in 1642. It was the year when Polotsk’ war leader Yanush Kishka mentioned the Holy Trinity in one of historic documents. It is also known, that in 1659 the Holy Trinity was ransacked by the troops of the Moscow principality. The following mention dates back to 1865. In that year the Geographic-Static Dictionary of the Russian Empire was issued by Russian geographer and famous traveler P.P. Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky. He issued it by telling that the Holy Trinity in Krivichi was reconstructed in 1740 and was a timber blocking.

The construction of a new temple building was started in 1886 and finished in 1887. It is also known, that in 1921 when the Polish authorities occupied Krivichi the Holy Trinity was given to the Catholic Church. It remained Catholic until 1939 when the Soviet units restored the territorial integrity of our country in the Soviet-Polish war, and then it was named BSSR. In 1963 Komsomol workers made a warehouse of the church. All religious symbols were either destroyed or sent to other churches. It was a warehouse up to 1989. Certainly, during this period the building was forgotten and was not maintained, so it required major repairs. The locals gathered money for restoration and transferred the Holy Trinity to the Russian Orthodox Church.

It’s an interesting fact that nowadays the Holy Trinity is an architectural monument, and, of course, it is inscribed on the State List of historical and cultural properties of the Republic of Belarus. It is constructed in the Old Russian style, and today it is a brick building with a stone base. The temple is surrounded with the natural stone fence. As it commonly used, there is a three-tier brick arc in front of the facade. The temple has a construction typical for all orthodox churches; it composes four parts – a bell tower, a back of the church, a catholicon, an apsis. The prominent part of the building is a three-tier belfry that rises from the main tier and takes its eight-square shape on the third tier. On the third tier one can see recesses in the shape of crosses that interchange with arc windows.