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The Intercession Church in the village of Bushiki

The Intercession Church in the village of Bushiki


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Geographical location

Bushiki is situated on the territory of Glubokoe district of Vitebsk region. The village belongs to Zalesye selsovet (village council). The distance fr om the town of Glubokoe to the village is 14 km, and fr om the regional center is almost 200km. in the village there is a small lake called Beloe (White).

Historical information

The first information about the territory, wh ere the village of Bushiki is situated, was dated to the mid-15th century. Together with the town of Glubokoe the village was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Later, till the 17thcentury, these territories belonged to Polotsk Voivodeship. In 1793 after the second partition of the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth the village of Bushiki together with Glubokoe was passed to the Russian Empire. In 1920 in the result of Soviet-Polish confrontation these  territories became a part of Poland.  The Polish occupation had lasted for 19 years and in 1939 the village together with the town reunited with the Belarusian lands.


At the time of January 1, 2016 Bushiki is home to just over 30 people.


The main attraction of the village Bushiki is the Intercession Church. The Shrine stands in a picturesque place: it occupies an eminence above the lake adjacent to the village. The Church is seen from the entrance to the village and is located in such a way that you have the impression of a comprehensive care and protection over all who live or come to Bushiki. On weekends, when a service is conducted, bell ringing cuts through the air above the lake and is heard in the surrounding villages, reminding the faithful about the impermanence of life.  

Churches in honor of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary are numerous on Slavic lands. It is connected with great respect and awe of believers before the Defender of the destitute and infirm. Erected in different historical periods, they reflect the architectural design and the role of religion in due time.

The Intercession Church in Bushiki was built in 1860. However, according to some historians, this date may refer even to the 18th century.  The brick building on the outskirts of the village was raised in the retrospective-Russian style with elements of Baroque. The Churchyard has a rubble fence.

The Intercession Church has a complex architecture. The two-storeyed belfry, consisting of an octahedron on a tetrahedron, is ended with an onion dome.  The prayer hall is rectangular in shape. Its premises are covered with a hipped roof. On an octahedral drum of the room rises a dome. The facades of the building are divided with window openings, having the form of arches. Interlacings between them are in the form of an Orthodox cross. Besides that, the architect used paired pilasters and subtly shaped entablature. The arched front doorway has a perspective portal in the form of a keel. Above it there is an image of the Virgin Mary.

The most beautiful Intercession Church in Bushiki is worth it to include the village wh ere it is located in the popular excursion routes of Belarus. The ancient architecture, special atmosphere and picturesque location – all these encourage tourists to visit the Church of the Intercession in Bushiki.

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