The Post House in the Village of Kalinino

In the Gomel region there are a huge variety of attractions, historical and architectural monuments and important places of the past epochs. Similarly, the village of Kalinino that is located in the Tereshkovichi village council of the Gomel region can boast of its heritage and equally interesting history.

The settlement of the Neolithic period and Bronze Ages, discovered by archeologists, shows that these lands have been inhabited since ancient times. The today village was formed in the early XX century by migrants from the neighboring villages and farms. This location began to develop most actively only by 1920-s years. In 1931 the villagers joined the collective farm. During the Great Patriotic War, in September of 1943, German soldiers burned down the village and killed one civilian. In the battle for the village of Kalinino in November of 1943, there were killed 373 fighters, including the Hero of the Soviet Union M. M. Kuyukov. Currently they are buried in a mass grave in the south-western suburbs. Many residents were killed at the time at the front. Today the village of Kalinino lives a peaceful and quiet life. By the way, in Kalinino there are few attractions, however, the post house is noteworthy, and it was constructed in the second half of the XIX century. The post house is made of brick, occupies a rectangular area surrounded by fence and some buildings forming a large courtyard with a well in its central part. The post house consists of the structure itself and 2 stables. The house is one-storey with two entrance lobbies on the side of the main and yard facades. The house is covered with a gambrel roof, and has an enfilade planning. The walls are plastered, with window openings that are original decorative fixtures. The walls of the lobby on the side of the main facade have original onion-shaped window openings. The stables are located on the south side of the post house. Their side walls, which are decorated in the same style with the main facade of the post house, face the highway St. Petersburg – Odessa. The both stables have a skeleton framing: the pillars are made of brick, the walls between them - of wood. The post house in the village of Kalinino is designed according to the traditional scheme for such buildings and is a bright example of civil architecture.

 If you are traveling around the locations of the Republic of Belarus, and your tour itineraries pass through the village of Kalinino, it can safely said, there is much to see. Apart from the post house, the area is rich in surprisingly picturesque landscapes that are pleasant to eye at any season. Visiting the village of Kalinino, you can relax from the urban hustle and bustle, stay alone with nature and in the privacy of your own mind, and at the same learn more about the architectural heritage of the last century.