Freedom Square in Minsk

One of the most beautiful squares of Minsk

Freedom Square in Minsk is known to everyone. It is an architectural and historical monument of the city Minsk. Therefore, thousands of tourists choose this square as a starting point of their journey. And it is for a good reason as from this site the restoration of all architectural monuments that had not been spared by numerous wars.

The main sight of Freedom Square in Minsk is the Town Hall

In the center of the square there is a town hall. According to records, the first building of the town hall was made of wood, constructed, presumably, in 1499. Unfortunately, the information about its location has not survived. The stone town hall was erected in 1582, and already in Freedom Square. Minsk town hall was badly damaged by a fire in 1640. It was completely burned out from the inside. The fire also captured the market and nearby buildings. It was reconstructed almost a hundred years later, in 1744. Subsequently, in 1851, when the Minsk Duma wanted to extend Freedom Square and make it face the collegiate church, projects aiming at the demolition of the town hall were put forward. Certainly, in 1857, after the decision was achieved, the town hall was destroyed. It was reconstructed in 2004. Now the town hall is an important architectural monument of the capital. It was designed in classical style. It is crowned with a clock tower with the city’s coat of arms depicting the ascension of the Mother of God. The height of the tower is 32 meters. Near the town hall there is a building of merchant’s rows, due to which the square was the main shopping facility in the city of the time.

Freedom Square - cultural and spiritual center of Minsk

Today Freedom Square is a cultural and spiritual center of Minsk. Earlier there were theatres, including the city theatre. Today there is the hotel "Europe" on its site. Anyone can see a restored building of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a renovated building of the Jesuit school. Originally these buildings were part of the ensemble of the Jesuit College. Almost the entire area of the square was given to various monasteries. Most of them have survived, but, unfortunately, have been much rebuilt.

You can also see the Church of St. Joseph in the territory of Freedom Square. Previously it was one of many Catholic buildings which at the time occupied a quarter of the city. The church was erected in 1639, made of wood, it suffered fires three times, but each time it was restored. In 1864 the monastery as a church institution was abolished, and the building of the church was taken from. Today the Church of St. Joseph is a restored building that hosts archives. Divine services have not been resumed there.

The Holy Spirit Temple was constructed in the XVII century in the style of "Northern Renaissance". It was situated in the territory of the High Market and was part of Uniate monasteries. It is known that in 1795 the church was handed over to the control of the Orthodox Church and was changed to the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul. In 1937 the cathedral was demolished. According to one version, it was dissembled, the other - blown up. Since 2009 it has been agreed to reconstruct the church building to its original appearance of the middle of the XVII century. The starting point for the reconstruction was a drawing by an unknown artist, made in the first half of the XIX century. It is planned that Holy Spirit Temple will host a concert hall of children's philharmonic society "the Upper town".

Minsk sightseeing tour includes a visit to Freedom Square 

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