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Lenin Square in Vitebsk

Lenin Square in Vitebsk


Architecture, Industrial buildings

The Northern Capital of Belarus attracts with its unusual architecture, interesting museums and special flavor. Just imagine: there are 10 squares here! And they can rightfully be called the decoration of the city. A monument to Lenin is erected on one of the squares of Vitebsk. This place is a social and cultural center.

History of origin

In the 18th century, there was a Vzgorskaya settlement here. The road to St. Petersburg ran from it. The appearance of the square, which is considered one of the main attractions of Vitebsk, began to form in the middle of the 19th century. In 1881, a guest yard was built on the territory. The building has not survived to this day. In the eastern part there was a horse post, and then a theater. It burned and was rebuilt more than once. One of the largest markets in the city was also located there.

Until 1918, this area of ​​the city of Vitebsk was called Smolensk. The monument to Lenin was erected in 1930. Reconstruction was also carried out, the territory was greened. During the Great Patriotic War, practically nothing survived. Only the building on the corner of Lenin Street has remained.

The modern look of Vitebsk square

Since the first monument to the leader was destroyed during the war, a new one was erected in 1956. The Palace of Culture was built instead of the theater. Now it is the Vitebsk Regional Philharmonic. Residential development began on the north and south sides. It was in the 60s that the square acquired its modern look. How it looked before can be seen in the archival photos of the sights of Vitebsk.

There are many cafes and shops nearby, and Park of Partisan Glory is located nearby. This is one of the favorite vacation spots for locals and tourists. The pedagogical faculty of Voronezh State University is located nearby.

A mini-guide to the sights of Vitebsk with a description

Everyone who comes to the regional center can be advised to visit the Governor's Palace. Even Napoleon stayed there in 1812.

The following temples will not leave anyone indifferent:

  • The Assumption Cathedral, which has the largest bell in the Republic of Belarus;

  • The Resurrection Church, resembling the St. Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk;

  • The Church of St. Barbara, whose history began in 1785;

  • The Annunciation Church, recognized as the oldest in the city.

It is impossible not to mention the monuments in Vitebsk. Sculptures Welcome and Street Clown, a memorial sign Children of War, a memorial Three bayonets, monuments to Pushkin and Chagall — sights that are definitely worth seeing. And don't forget to visit Chagall's house to learn about the life and work of the artist. By the way, it is included in the top museums in Belarus.

Many atmospheric photographs can be taken in the Old Town. Its decoration is Town Hall Square. We advise you to visit the botanical garden — exotic and collectible plants grow there.

Sign up for an excursion or tour to see all the sights of the city of Vitebsk and learn interesting facts from the history of Belarus.

Photos from:  youtube.com vitebskcity.by

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, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 250 km
, Vitebsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 250 km

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