The Planetarium in Minsk

A State Educational Establishment “Minsk Planetarium” is the largest stationary planetarium in Belarus and the only one opened for the visitors. It is a part of the Eurasian Association of Planetariums. The Minsk Planetarium is situated in Gorky Park – the very center of the capital.

The history of the planetarium dates back to the 29th of July 1965. It was the day when the planetarium and the observatory building were open. There is a stellar hall in the planetarium which can host up to 120 visitors. It is equipped with a domed screen and optical-mechanical device "Planetarium" model ZKP-1 produced by Carl Zeiss, a well-known specialist in the production of optics. Observatory building is a tower with the 300-fold refractor telescope. The focal length of the telescope is 1955 mm. It was also produced by Carl Zeiss Company. The telescope allows observing various celestial bodies in the solar system, including the sun, close planets and galaxies, different star clusters and nebulae.

The projection screen of Minsk planetarium has a variety of technical possibilities. The basic is undoubtedly a multimedia presentation tour over the stellar sky, which gives information about the stars and constellations, galaxies and nebulae. When the weather is good everyone has a possibility to look at celestial bodies through the telescope under the supervision of the planetarium staff. 

If you follow the schedule of events of the planetarium you will have an opportunity to attend the series of lectures “Star news”.  The lectures are about the discoveries and interesting phenomena of the deep space as well as of our solar system and the Sun.

Among the novelties of the Minsk Planetarium the spherical movies should be mentioned. The image is displayed on the dome and the spectator can see everything that is going on around him. That allows the audience to deeply immerse in what is happening on the screen. Interesting is the fact that everything shown in the planetarium is not a fiction but real achievements and discoveries in the sphere of space exploration and astronomy.

The children's astronomy club "Galileo" is organized on the basis of the Minsk Planetarium. The children get knowledge about the astronomy and the history of the solar system in the form of game. Also they are taught to use a telescope. The club of amateur astronomy “Ash-nu” is also organized here. The club unites the people of different ages and different levels of astronomy knowledge who are not indifferent to this science. 

 In the list of the planetarium services there are special courses for schoolchildren from the first to the eleventh grade. There is an opportunity to study different issues connected with the astronomy to later discuss them at the lessons.

And of course the Minsk planetarium hosts a variety of exhibitions. Everything is done here to promote among Belarusians love to astronomy and other natural science.