Beer factory “Kimborovka” in Mozyr

Beer factory “Kimborovka” in Mozyr


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The very first brewing factory in Mozyr appeared in 1884. On 15 November of the same year, the merchant Moisey Shenderov Aleksandrovich made an application to the town’s government in order to be allowed to open a manufacture in his own house. His house was two-storeyed, therefore it was suitable for construction of the production. The government gave him a permission, and he, wasting no time, began launching his own production. The owner decided to take up brewing.

So that to organize the system and to get the working process, he took on only 3 people in the first year. The production was growing little by little. In 1911, it was passed to the other owner, Pavitsky. He decided to update the process: the beverage was poured out into branded plastic bottles, which were bought in St. Petersburg at that time. There was only manual labour at the factory: four hired workers both produced beer with their own hands and bottled it. However, entirely different fate awaited the factory in 1917. With the new authority advent, it was decided that beer making was too uneffective production, which took a large space in the town centre. They made a conclusion to salt fish for the Red Army than to produce beer.

However, the beer production was resumed in 1925, and then several dozens of workers bottled more than half a hundred pails of beer per day. By 1929, the factory had gone into the state, the production was updated.

During the Second World War, the factory was damaged, but the building partially survived. After the end of the war, the authority decided to continue brewing, bought modern equipment, hired workers, central heating was established in the workshops. It was at that time when beer “Zhigulevskoe” and fruit drink were produced from the factory production line. Other names of this foamy drink, known today: “Rizhskoe”, “Barkhatnoe” and the other followed them.

After the factory product had started to enjoy popularity, its production began to increase, new workers were hired, the eqiupment was improved.

The town authority presented the passing Red Banner and a diploma for the first place in achieving high goals of production in 1988.

The next award was given to the factory in 1998, when it was noticed by the concern “Belgospeshcheprom”. Recently during the holding of the 4 tasting contest “mass media best beer”, which took place in Minsk, the kind of beer “Mozyrskoe” took the honourable 2nd place. It was marked as non-traditional kind of beer.

It won’t be difficult to find the factory in the town: a building of red brick with white elements is known by all locals. The visitors of the town, passing by, the residents like to give themselves a treat of delicious tap beer of local production.

Nowadays the factory produces several other kinds of drinks except for beer, which you ought to taste, being in Mozyr!

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