Pyramids in Vitebsk

Geographical location

The regional center of Vitebsk is situated on the North-East of Belarus. Two rivers, the Western Dvina and Vitba, flow in the city. The distance from the capital of Belarus to Vitebsk is 300 km.

Historical information

The first mention about Vitebsk was in Moscow chronicles. In 1021 Yaroslav the Wise gave the city to Bryachislav Izyaslavovich. Then there were eventful times for Vitebsk: difficult relations with Polotsk Principality, joining the Polish and Lithuanian Commonwealth and the transition to the Russian Empire after its first partition. The Soviet government has contributed to the history of the city, after which Vitebsk became a part the Byelorussian SSR.

Nowadays Vitebsk is the cultural capital of Belarus with a rich history and the most beautiful citizen landscapes.


Today over 376 thousand people live in Vitebsk.


For many tourists, who visit Vitebsk, it will be surprised to know that this city has its own pyramids. And it is not a joke. In May 2012 the first pyramid of the shopping and entertainment complex “Marco-City” was opened on Lenin Street, 26.  The idea of creation of pyramids belongs to the team of the well-known Belarusian manufacturer of shoes “Marko” Ltd., OOO. The author of the project is Andrey Vladimirovich Ilyinov.

Initially, the project of creation of the pyramids was conceived as an event to mark the anniversary of the international festival “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”. The opening of the shopping center was planned along with the commissioning of an underground pass on Lenin Street, which leads to the Summer Amphitheater. However, at the time of July 1, 2011, the idea was not implemented.

The complex of the pyramids in Vitebsk consists of a large pyramid, the height of which is 26 m, and two smaller pyramids, which are 14 m height. The shopping and entertainment center is an eight level building covering an area of 55 thousand square meters that may be compared with the area of seven fields of Minsk stadium “Dynamo”. The floors of the shopping center are numbered from -3 to 4 and divided, respectively, on the underground and above-ground parts of the building.

In the pyramids of the shopping and entertainment center “Marco-City” there are shops, boutiques, cafés and beauty salons. There is also a big modern playground for children. The parking of “Marco-City” occupies two levels and is meant for 300 places.

A team of specialists, which was engaged in facing the building of the National Library in Minsk, worked on glazing of the construction.  The St. Petersburg plant produced double glass panes for the pyramids in Vitebsk by German technology. According to the producer such glass is not afraid of either hail or even a flown from the sky brick. However, the construction of glass, concrete and metal is unique not only for its complex architecture. The main pyramid of the complex was constructed in accordance with the innovative energy-saving technology: special glass in the heat retains in the room cool and in the frost reduces the energy consumption for heating.

The pyramids in Vitebsk are not only a shopping object and center of interesting pastime but also an important component of modern architecture.