Upside down house in Dukor

Upside down house in Dukor

Shkolnaya street, 15


It is quite easy to deceive many human feelings, but you must still try to deceive the brain itself. However, this is exactly how our main thinking apparatus feels in an upside down house near Minsk. And although there are enough similar buildings in the world, in Belarus such a  upside down house is still in a single copy.

Upside down house: history

The tradition to bring curiosities from different countries has been practiced since the time of the Radziwills, Tyszkiewiczs, Oginsky and other representatives of famous noble families of Belarus. For example, it was rumored that the Puslovsky Palace had a glass floor-aquarium with exotic fish — even if this was true, the idea of ​​the castle was obviously brought from abroad. And not so long ago, potatoes became the basis of the national Belarusian cuisine - it appeared here only in the 17th century.

It is believed that the first house upside down appeared recently - in 2007, in the Polish city of Shimbark.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: however, in fact, structures of this type have been demonstrated before. For example, in the film adaptation of the novel by the American writer Stephen King The Red Rose Mansion, the film’s characters are walking around the room where the furniture is attached to the ceiling, and the chandeliers are fixed to the floor as if hanging from the bottom up.

Unlike Dukorsky maentak, the initiative of the author of the first upside down house, Daniel Chapevsky, was mainly not aimed at attracting tourists. It was a figurative hint that the modern world has been turned upside down. His main highlight was the exhibition of works by Polish artists on current topics of hunger, fascism, communism, environmental disasters and other manifestations of human activity. When our countryman, Ivan Gumovsky, general director of CJSC Pukhovichi Agroprodukt, visited him, he set about trying to build something similar in Belarus. And soon his plans came true.

Upside down house in Belarus appeared recently, in 2015. Its main feature and difference from other objects is that the architects rely on the cruciform design created by the ridge and the ridges of the transverse mansard ledges. In the Dukor upturned house there are no mansards. Technology laying linoleum on ... the ceiling.

Upside down house in Belarus and the effect it causes

So, what happens to a person when it is inside? Not that moving around - even standing on a seemingly uneven floor is difficult. The vestibular apparatus revolts, the brain tries to realize why the earth and the ceiling suddenly changed places - and cannot. An illusion of impaired gravity is created, manifested in the fact that a person suddenly gets drunk, being unable to take a few steps in a straight line.

Life hacking from VETLIVA: in order to smooth out unexpected effects, it is recommended to look at ... water. Daniel Chapevski, the creator of that very first house in Poland, came up with putting a wide-necked vessel with water on the floor (or the ceiling). When a person sees a flat surface even with lateral vision, his rebellious organism calms down.

Try to overcome your body - after all, in an amazing building you can make really roof-carrying (literally) photos!

Tour of the upside down house

The complex Dukorsky maentak is only 30 km from Minsk, which means that it’s not difficult to get to the upside down house in Dukor even by your own. And yet the animated excursion will definitely be remembered more. Guests are greeted by horse escort and a volley from a cannon - here you unwittingly feel like an important person! The skill of owning a saber  will be shown, a chance to try moonshine (as in Dudutki and the Nanosy-Novoselye complex, in Dukor it is made absolutely legally) will be given, a master class in medieval dances will be held. Well, the cherry on the cake will be a test of strength inside the upside down house. And believe me: you will leave here, overflowing with vivid impressions and bright emotions!

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