The Park of Soldiers-internationalists in Brest

The Park of Soldiers-internationalists can be safely and without exaggeration called an ecologically clean corner of this nice Brest city. The parkland gradually turns into a beautiful forest. Sometimes it is even difficult to understand where exactly the parkland ends and the woodland with paths, narrow trails and small furry owners of these picturesque places begins.

One of the most important features of the Park are… squirrels. Yes-yes! These are those furry red animals that attract here not only the citizens but also numerous tourists who give preference to the rest in Brest. During the existence of the Park of Soldiers-internationalists, squirrels have become absolutely tame: they are happy to receive food from hands and flaunt in front of numerous cameras. 

There are amusements at the edge of the Park. They attract here small residents of the city with their parents. And a concert terrace, which is also situated on the edge of the Park, often becomes a place for performances of small groups of artists, of various dance events and even of literary youth meetings. But why not? Brest is an extremely cultural city and not only young generation but also guests of this nice city will like the literary evenings in the park.

An armoured personnel carrier APC-60 is located on a solid pedestal at the main entrance to the Park of Soldiers-internationalists in the city of Brest. It is as a reminder that this Park was formed for a reason, and for the glory of soldiers-internationalists, soldiers-Afghans who, unfortunately, did not return from the war. The alley located to the right of the pedestal leads far in the Park, to the monument which was built in memory of soldiers-Afghans in Brest, who had died fighting in Afghanistan. It is impossible not to notice that the contours of this memorial resemble a coffin. There is a memorial plate with the following inscription on the monument: “To brothers in arms who died in Afghanistan”.

The Park of Soldiers-internationalists in Brest is a curiously quiet and peaceful place.

To make the rest in this Park more comfortable, a nature corner was organized on its territory not so long ago, and an area for caravans of itinerant trade and small restaurants in the open air appeared there.

The Park of Soldiers-internationalists is also one of the main places for cultural and public entertainment events and nation-wide promenades. It is worth noting that an open summer stage in the form of a huge shell seems to cut into the river within the banks of the Mukhavets River.                      

The pride of this stage for concerts is amazing fountains around it. Since recently, a drive-in theatre has started working on a regular basis in this Park. A New Year tree was also planted there not to set an artificial one every year.   

The Park situated in the suburbs of Brest will not leave indifferent any traveler who chose a rest in Brest!