Victory Park in Minsk

Victory Park in Minsk: the history of sight

For sure many people know about the astonishing loveliness and the uniqueness of Minsk. However, not everyone has ever visited this wonderful city. Minsk attracts many tourists by its amazing history, architecture, and certainly picturesque parklands.

Victory Park in Minsk or as it is often called “Victoria” public garden is united with the Komsomolskoye Lake, which is located on the area of the park. The history of the park has begun when the Komsomolskoye Lake was created by means of the river Svisloch obstruction. It was planned to open the park on the 22nd of June 1941. To refine the surrounding areas the Soviet youth had been working hard here for a year and a half. Unfortunately not many of them had returned alive from the front and had an opportunity to see the opening of this amazing park.

In 1945 when the war was over the dam which restrained the waters of the Komsomolskoye Lake was restored. In compliance with it the park was landscaped. The name was given to the park straightaway – for sure “Victory” – to glorify the victory of the Soviet Army over the Nazi Invaders. 

One of the most beautiful parks on the Komsomolskoye lake

Initially the park occupied a territory of 100 hectares. After the war the restorations took place in some areas of the park. In 1985 to the 40th anniversary of the victory the monument “Hero City Minsk” was erected at the main entrance. In 2005 the State Committee decided to carry out the global restoration of the park.  In 2011 after the completion of all construction works the Victory Park in Minsk was opened again.

As a result of the conducted work the territory of the park was expanded to 200 hectares, 40 of them are occupied by the Komsomolskoye Lake. On the shores of the lake the beachfront area and the path of health have been equipped. The stage for various events, the pedestrian areas and the sports area for outdoor activities has been built.

Sights of Victory Park in Minsk

There are colorful fountains in the Victory Park – you can hardly miss them. The fountains have symbolic names like “Victory”, “Eternity” and the LED fountain “Sail” which is situated on the water of the lake. Such great theses as "victory" and "memory" go through all the architectural structures of the park by the scarlet silk thread. So, for example, the fountain “Victory” has 53 granite elements – that many divisions participated in the liberation of Minsk. In front of the fountain called “Sail” there is the monument called “Prosperity” which is also considered a symbol of heyday and renaissance of the Republic of Belarus.

The so-called Bird Island is considered to be the jewel of the park. The island is a home to a great variety of different birds, some of which are rare species. On the Bird Island which is separated from the park area by means of a 60 meters long bridge it was possible to preserve the nature unchanged. To protect the environment of that place even the paths are made of natural components.

After Minsk sightseeing tour and meeting of the sights of the capital of Belarus, you should visit  the Victory Park in Minsk, you will for sure not regret about it.