The Rock Garden in the Village of Rubezhevichi

The village of Rubezhevichi was founded in the XIV century. This is a rather large location that is situated in the surprisingly picturesque area, on a mountain hill between two rivers called Sulla and Pereklet. This place once belonged to the Slutsk Principality. It is also known that in the middle of the XVI century the Lithuanian border passed there from Brest through Minsk, Novogrudok and up to the Dvina and the Pskov lands. There was the border land of Lithuania, the so-called "rubezh" (boundary), hence perhaps the name of the village –Rubezhevichi. In this village there are quite a large number of attractions that over time have become part of the great history not only of this place, but of the whole country.

It should be noted that in this area representatives of the Catholic and the Jewish diaspora lived for a long time.

The remnants of the rich history and traditions that have been preserved give Rubezhevichi an unusual, one might say, unique look. Today Rubezhevichi is an agro-town.

The true gem of the village is the Temple of St Joseph that was erected in the XX century. The rather large-scale structure was made of rough-finished boulder. This adds a special touch to this architectural structure. In front of the temple there was created a colorful, picturesque rock garden that was laid out in cult symbolic succession.

The rock garden in the village Rubezhevichi was opened on 13 June 2006 – on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Temple of St. Joseph. The stones were consecrated by the priest Anthony Demyanko.

The initiator of the construction of the rock garden in the village Rubezhevichi was Sobolevsky Tadeusz Lyutsianovich. This idea was born in 1996, but it was fulfilled much later due to lack of funding. As a result of this the construction was funded by parishioners. In this garden there are 46 stones that revive the historical and cultural memory of people: 46 stones are 46 villages that were related to the parish of the Temple of St Joseph in the village Rubezhevichi. This temple had 7 thousand believers, Rubezhevichi about 3 thousand of this number lived in Rubezhevichi.

The rock garden in the village Rubezhevichi was constructed in memory of peoples who lived in Rubezhevichi and built the Temple of St. Joseph. Every stone found there is a man. Every stone is a chronicle of the villages. "Stones can also speak, can remember, it is only necessary to learn to read and understand," say the authors of this project. The rock garden was built for just two weeks.

The rock garden in the village Rubezhevichi inevitably attracts a large number of tourists who prefer to rest in the Republic of Belarus.

Besides, in Rubezhevichi there is a pharmacy that has a specific focus on unique herbal mixtures. Rubezhevichi is an amazing place with its rich history and variety of attractions.