The Park named after Yanka Kupala

Minsk is a wonderful city that attracts tourists with its diversity and unique sights. However the city is attractive not only for its architectural buildings but also for picturesque park areas.  In the very center there is situated one of the youngest parks that is named after Yanka Kupala.

Pages of the history of Yanka Kupala Park

Previously on the territory where the Park is now stood single two- and three-storeyed houses, which in the spring were significantly flooded by the great river Svisloch. However some years later it was decided to found here a park area.  And in 1949 the first works on reconstruction of this project were held here (only 13 years later). And in 1962 the construction of the Park was completed.  At the same time it was named after the great poet Yanka Kupala. In the 1950-ies the first young trees were planted on this territory.  It was such rare trees, for those times, as blue maple, balsam and Siberian fir, Manchurian nut wood.

At first in the area of the central lane a monument to the hero of the Soviet Union S. I. Gritsevich was installed and only in 1972 to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yanka Kupala it was changed to the memorial to this great poet.  A lot of authors were working on the monument of Yanka Kupala, it was the well-known sculptors L. Gumilevsky and L. Levi and the architects A. Anikeychik, A. Aaspitsky, Yu. Gradov. It is worth noting that a fountain was restored together with the monument. This new composition was decided to name “Garland” (“Venok”) that symbolizes a folk festival “Kupalye”.

The museum of Yanka Kupala in Minsk

In 1959 at the place where the house was in which Yanka Kupala was living since 1927 to 1941 was foundedLiterary Museum. Unfortunately the house itself was burned down in the very beginning of the World War II and the whole archive as well in which there were a lot of manuscripts of the beloved poet Yanka Kupala. Today Yanka Kupala Museum has more than 36 thousand exhibits among which there are lifetime published works of the poet, books with autographs, manuscripts, photos, documents and household articles which were connected with the life of this beloved Belarusian poet.

Yanka Kupala Park: photo, the sight of Minsk today

The Park named after Yanka Kpala is situated on the banks of the river Svisloch. It is quite a large park area; it is a resting place not only for Minsk residents and guests of the capital. Nowadays the visit of this picturesque place is included in many Minsk sightseeing tours. For lovers of cycling there are special areas, the so-called cycle tracks. Fresh air and the atmosphere of absolute peace and pacification in the heart of a great metropolis will not leave anyone indifferent.  You should definitely visit this amazing place. It should be noted that the whole Park area is kept in perfect cleanness and a lot of amazing rare trees give a sense of internal mental composure. And it is important that the Park named after Yanka Kupalais unforgettably beautiful at any time of the year.