The Park named after Suvorov in Kobryn

The Park named after Suvorov in the town of Kobryn, the total area of which is over 60 hectares, is considered to be one of the oldest parks in Belarus. Since long ago it has become popular among not only the residents of Kobryn but also among numerous travellers who visit this nice town within different tourist programmes in the Republic of Belarus.

This amazing natural monument was founded in 1768 to the order of Anthony Tyzengauz, a treasurer of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, popular Maecenas, politician and financier as well. However this park was not named after him, but after Alexander Suvorov who was living her fr om 1797 till 1800. Such a historical injustice may be easily explained: in the Soviet postwar time the person of Russian commander, who had never lost a single battle in his life, became almost a cult one. 

The Park named after Alexander Suvorov is a place where holiday is ever lasting. It is the pride of Kobryn and attracts virtuosos and craftsmen for its unsurpassed colour.

No doubt the Park named after Suvorov is a witness of the richest history of this town. The territory at the ancient pond can be easily called a historical center of this park. In the last century there stood a manor house wh ere the commander was living. A bust to A.V.Suvorov was erected on the place of that house.

The park suffered from terrible fires, invasions of forces and various risings. During the Great Patriotic War it was subjected to massive destructions, a large part of this Park was completely destroyed. The true growth of the Park can be dated to the 20th century. It transformed from a small public garden to one of the largest garden and park complex in modern Belarus. Having revived after the hostilities, it gained unsurpassed appearance, and was included in the list of memorials of the Republican importance.

It is worth noting that works on improve the landscape of the Park lasts continuously:  quite rare and valuable trees and bushes are planted here.  The main alley is the most important compositional thread of the Park; it is picturesquely planted with old lime trees and hornbeams and the sky is virtually invisible because of their woven canopy. If you turn to the right from this alley, the path will lead us to a majestic colourful pond. The pond attracts both connoisseurs of natural colour and anyone wanting to go for a ride on the catamarans in the spring or summer time. In the Park there live a great amount of birds, there are even owls, white and black swans, as well as peacocks of amazing beauty. You can often see here playful and absolutely not timid squirrels. The uniqueness of the Park is achieved due to scattered through the territory various architectural structures.  A favorite resting place of townspeople can be called the place by the fountain, which is topped with an amazing composition called “Kupalye”. Here is located an amphitheatre which is equipped with the latest audio and light equipment. Most town events and concerts of popular artists of both Belarusian and Russian variety are held on the stage of this theatre.  

18 amusements and a Fairy castle, a children’s entertainment center called “Kesha”, function in the Park named after Suvorov. Any children's desires will be able to be granted by the animators of this entertainment center. The best resting place in Kobryn is the Park named after Suvorov.