Gorky park in Minsk

Minsk is an amazing and unique city where cultures of different times and nations are connected. On its main street - Independence Avenue - there are many attractions:

Also in the center is one of the oldest parks in Minsk - Gorky Park.

History of Gorky Park in Minsk

Among all of this unique diversity of the cultural heritage of the capital, it is necessary to mention Gorky Park, which was formed in 1805 by Governor Korneev. At those times it was known as Governor's Garden. Actually, this Park area became the main social place of a civilized recreation in the Republic of Belarus. Initially, the area of this Park was about 18 hectares. It is worth saying that it was a simple square with paths, flowerbeds and wild lakes. But in the late 19thcentury in the square appeared the first stadium with a cycle track and diverse play areas.

After the October revolution of 1917 it was decided to rename the square into “Profintern”. This amazing park was named after Maxim Gorky only in 1936.

After the World War II many buildings around the park were demolished that in their turn gave a unique opportunity to widen significantly the bounds of the square. The transformation was led by architect I. Rudenko (he is also the designer of the Park named after Yanka Kupala in the capital). Actually the first park amusements appeared at that time. In addition, there appeared a summer cinema, which, unfortunately, was burned down in the 1970-ies. The stadium was improving as well; it is the only stadium in Minsk, which was able to survive after the war.

In 1960 the park received its current name: Maxim Gorky Central Children's Park. And at the same time there was another reform of the Park. All possible entertainments for children were installed again and a whole complex of children's developing areas were constructed as well. It is worth noting that at the same time was opened a planetarium on the territory of the park.

Children's amusement park in Minsk and its sights

The arched entrance gate fr om the side of Victory square was restored in the 1970-ies. Today this gate is considered to be a trademark of Maxim Gorky Park in Minsk.

Another “pearl” of the Park is the monument to Maxim Gorky. At first the monument to this great poet was erected in 1955. This monument was a pedestal wh ere Maxim Gorky was standing. But in 1981 this monument was changed to another one: the novelist is depicted sitting on a bench. And nowadays this monument is located inside the Park.

One of the best places for rest in Minsk is the Gorky Park

Today Gorky Park in Minsk covers the area of more than 28 hectares. On the total huge territory of the Park there are about 60 species of trees and bushes (the pines, poplars and alders, which were planted in the 19th century).

Today both children’s and family recreation in Minsk is initially associated with Gorky Park.

Residents and guests of the capital must visit this amazing emerald isle in the very center of Minsk! The easiest way to do this is during Minsk sightseeing tour, which will acquaint you with all the sights of the capital of Belarus.