Park of Four Elements in Soligorsk

The town of Soligorsk is one of the youngest towns of Belarus, which is located in the south of Minsk region, near an artificial reservoir. The appearance of this town, as well as its rapid development, can be linked to the discovery of potassic fertilizer deposits, despite the fact that at first people searched so-called black gold.

Soligorsk was founded in 1958. In fact, the first symbolic granite was laid down at that time. You can find it in the heart of Soligorsk.

Artificial salt mountains and mines are considered to be the pearl of the town of Soligorsk; each traveller is allowed to visit them.

However, recreation in this town is mainly associated with the Park of Four Elements, which had become one of the main attractions. The total area of the park covers 18 hectares. It is a favorite place not only for the inhabitants of Soligorsk but also the guests of this lovely town.

The park project was designed by architect Alexander Sobolevsky. The reconstruction itself began in 2006. This park begins from the town's central square (the monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin).

The name of the park belongs to its creator. Elements, shown by various architectural personification, are designed to symbolize the integrity of nature and beauty of any of its states.

For example, the fountain that is located in the park has no analogues in the Republic of Belarus. You will be shocked with its large dimensions. The 32-meter bowl, which is illuminated by 80 lanterns, represents the water element. There are 700 jets of water which are 20-meter high. The pressure of water and the line of jets change all the time, thereby creating new intricate forms.

You will find so-called fire section not far from the water element, decorated with bright orange flags. Everyone can catch sunbeams with a special device from water and mirrors. In this case, the play of light embodies all the beauty of fire.

Alpine gardens, flower beds and other amazingly beautiful gardens, according to the architect's idea, show the color scheme of the earth element. There is a "Windmill" - a favorite place for children's games.

During the formation of the park and its further exploitation, distinct lines between the elements disappeared as it happens in nature. However, the residents and guests of Soligorsk like the general idea of the complex.

Though Soligorsk is young, the town has a great potential for attracting tourists who prefer spending their vacation in Belarus. The tourist potential of Soligorsk, which includes amazing journeys through salt mines and mountains, health improvement with the help of mineral waters and mud procedures, is distinguished among other towns of the Republic of Belarus.