Memorial Sign "The Chase to Grunewald"

Memorial Sign "The Chase to Grunewald"


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Not so long ago in Grodno a monument has appeared – the sign "The Chase to Grunewald". Its installation was timed to the anniversary of the famous battle, which was than six hundred years on 15 July 2010! It is believed that fr om here, fr om the territory of Grodno the allied troops of the Great Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish Kingdom went to the great battle that ended the bloodthirsty three-year war with the Teutonic knights.

The Historical Background of the War

The Christian Teutonic order is an ancient knightly organization that spread its faith in pagan lands "with fire and sword." Their activity began in 1232 when they settled near the Lithuanian and Prussian lands. They soon drew their attention to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania wh ere in those days paganism was widely spread.

In 1385, after signature of the Union of Krevo, the prince of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Jagailo by means of his dynastic marriage with the Polish Princess Jadwiga became the ruler of the Polish lands, and of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Then the reason for aggression on the part of the militant Christian order was not to be. However, the then Grand Master Conrad Zöllner von Rotenstein questioned the sincerity of Jagailo. Therefore, despite the peace agreement reached in 1343, their conflict continued.

The war was started when the anti-Teutonic uprising broke out in the Gemanty lands; it was supported by Lithuania and Poland. However, none of the parties were ready for a large-scale war so the peace treaty was signed with the assistance of the Roman king Wenzel. The pause which ended on 21 June 1410 let both sides prepare for the coming war. By the end of May 1410 the allied troops began to pull bannerols to Grodno.

The Battle of Grunewald and the Outcome of the War

The Battle of Grunewald became decisive in the war against the Teutonics. Numerous sources record different numbers of soldiers participating in the battle on each side; however, it is known that in the allied army of Prince Vitovt and King Jagailo had most warriors. The battle began at noon, and by the end of the day the army of the Teutonic Order was almost fully defeated; Grand Master Ulrich von Jungingen was killed, and the survived knights were captured.

The result of the crushing defeat of the Teutonic knights was depriving them of Gemanty and Dobzinsk lands, the payment of indemnities to the winners and ransom of hostages. In fact, the famous battle was the first destination on the path of decline and final collapse of the Teutonic Order.

The Memorial Sign

In 2010, when a huge celebration timed to the anniversary of the historical event was held in Poland, Grodno was also not left behind. At the walls of the Kalozha Church wh ere the service had been held before sending Prince Vitovt with his army to the battlefield, was installed a memorial sign. It is a large boulder with a commemorative tablet on it. This attraction is popular among tourists because everyone has heard about the great Battle of Grunewald.

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