Monument to Jan Chechot in the village of Novaya Mysh

Novaya Mysh village appeared on a bank of the picturesque river Myshanka. Probably its very interesting name came fr om the name of the river. However, there are some legends about the origin of the village. The famous poem “Myshanka” by Yan Chechot, a Belarusian poet of the 19th century, is based on one of them. Nowadays there is a monument in honor of the popular and beloved poet near the cathedral in Novaya Mysh village.

The cultural department of the Baranovichi authorities ordered to Belarusian painter Shaternik to create a bust of Yan Chechot that is set on a pedestal fr om white brick. The monument is located not far fr om the cathedral. The memorial was opened on the 4th July, 1996 thanks to the efforts of local ethnographers and historians and of course the patriots Vasiliy Dubeyts and Mikhail Bernat. The height is 2, 5 meters.

The bust of Yan Chechot is made of bronze. Face contours are rather clear. There is also a table on the plinth where the years of the great Belarusian literature figure are written. Every year local people and travelers bring flowers in honor of the romantic poet. It’s worth saying that there are a lot of streets in Belarus named after the famous author.

The monument looks well and it doesn’t need any restoration at present.

What can be said about that amazing person who praised Belarusian lands in his romantic ballads?

Yan Chechot was born in a family of a poor gentleman Tadeush Chechot in the village of Malyushichi of Korelichi district. He spent his baby years in the Earl Tyzengaus’ estate wh ere his father worked as an economist. After that he studied at Novogrudok School wh ere he met Adam Mitskevich. After finishing school he was taken to Vilna University but it was very difficult to pay for it. After a year he gave up education and employed at Vilna bureau wh ere he worked with the Radzivills’ archive papers.

Of course, you should visit the settlement Novaya Mysh, stand on a bank of a picturesque river, feel wind blowing that inspired Yan Chechot to write his melodic ballads.