Monument to Vysotsky in Novogrudok

The authorities of picturesque Novogrudok is actively engaged in the improvement of the town and often set new monuments. The ancient town is located on a hill in Grodno region of Belarus. Once that place was one of the main political centers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but today it is a small town with an indescribable atmosphere and breathtaking views. Only ancient buildings and fascinating sights remind us of the history of this quiet and cute town.  

In 1969 there came to shoot the film by Viktor Turov “Sons go into the battle”. Vladimir Vysotsky also arrived in Novogrudok together with the crew; he did not act in the film but he wrote some compositions for that famous work. First, Vysotsky lived in the village of Litovka that was close to Novogrudok. He slept in the hayloft and wrote songs at night, about what later told Marina Vlady, who came to visit the poet. Vysotsky came to the shooting of the film, not having drafts of songs: he created all his works there, inspired by the local beauty. In the mornings the musician drank fresh milk, enjoyed village life and improved his health – he was staying there during a few weeks. Then Vysotsky and Vlady went to Novogrudok and rent a two-room suite. Then the poet's admirers repeatedly booked that room – they wanted to sleep in that bed where once had rested Vysotsky himself. The suite, almost unchanged, exists now as well: it is a small lounge and a bedroom with beds of those years. Vysotsky and his companion walked through the Castle Hill, breathed clean air and admired the local round lakes and green hills.

It's gratefully when the memory of talented people is still alive even many years later. So, a native of Novogrudok, one of Vladimir Vysotsky’s admirers, gave the town a bust of the poet. According to this person, the bust was presented on his birthday many years ago. The man volunteered to build a monument at his own expense to pay tribute to the poet and musician, who stayed there over forty years ago. The authorities of the town accepted the proposal and set the monument on Sovetskaya Street. A small park was created around the bust, so that people would be able to gather there, to remember the famous poet and actor, to sing his songs to a guitar. The unveiling of the monument was on November 11, 2012. The bust of the bard, depicted with a guitar, is set on a stone pedestal. He looks intently into the distance. So much he wants to say. So many things he has not done yet…

According to many ratings, Vysotsky was and still is the idol of thousands of people. His songs are known and loved, his work is respected. The poet traveled a lot, having been in the United States, Canada, Mexico and even in Tahiti, so he just could not but appreciate the beauty of Belarusian towns. It's great that there is now a monument dedicated to famous Vysotsky in the oldest Novogrudok, because these places remember everybody who has stayed here.