The monument to Vladimir Korotkevich in Orsha

The classic of Belarusian literature Vladimir Korotkevich was born in the family of an office worker in 1930 in Orsha.

Today in his native city there is a monument which is a reminder about the inestimable contribution in the culture of Belarus made by the poet and writer. The monument is located in the children's Park “Wonderland” on Karl Marx Street on a bank of the Dnieper River.

Initially the monument appeared near the house where the Korotkeviches had been living since 1939. During the war this house was burned down. The authorship of the monument belongs to the Belarusian sculptor Igor Golubev, whose works also are the sculptures of Symon Budny and Jazep Drozdovich in the capital.  

The unveiling of the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich was held on June 27, 1992, when the district center celebrated the 925th anniversary.

But not only the monument, erected in the Park, reminds of the life and creative work of the outstanding writer. One of the city streets was named after him. The street, where the famous Belarusian figure was living in the second half of the 1950-ies, bears the name of Korotkevich. Here is situated a small wooden house where the original version of the novel “Wild Hunt of King Stakh” was being created. The poet published his first works, verses, in 1951 in the newspaper “Lenin’s call”. Today a plate and bás-relief placed on one of the houses remind of the name of the street in memory of the famous native.  

The opening of the Literary Museum of the writer was held in the district center at the address Lenin Street, 26, in 2000. Earlier there was a maternity hospital in this building. The structure is an architectural monument of the late 19th century. Here was born the Belarusian writer who first began working in such a genre as a historical detective.  In the Museum you can see a recreated study as it was in the capital of the writer. Here are also displayed about 700 exhibits relating to the life and work of the famous Belarusian. Among things kept in the Museum are manuscripts, personal belongings, furniture and other items. In general, the part of the exposition dedicated to the life of Vladimir Korotkevich, displays a home environment where the poet lived after the war on Kosmonavtov Street.  

One of the city’s schools, number 3, is also named in honor of Vladimir Korotkevich. Thanks to the former teacher Lily Radomskaya here was opened the first Museum in memory of the writer. Korotkevich taught the Russian language and literature at school. The writer himself studied in the former fifth school in the city of Orsha.  

The city library for children, located in the building, that previously was a former Jesuit Collegium, is also named after Karatkevich.

Today the monument to the writer in Orsha is an obligatory object for visiting.

However it is not the only monument established in memory of the outstanding writer and poet. There are also monuments to Vladimir Korotkevich in the regional center Vitebsk and in the capital of the Ukraine, Kiev. The unveiling of the first of them took place in 1994, and of the other was in the autumn of 2011. The Kiev monument is situated near the Embassy of Belarus on the street named after M.Kotsyubinsky