The Monument to Vilensky Trakt in the village of Myasota

The Monument to Vilensky Trakt in the village of Myasota


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The Monument to Vilensky Trakt in the village of Myasota

There is the small village Myasota in Molodechno district of Minsk region. The population of the village is less than half a thousand people. But there is a unique and rather unusual place that is included in a number of the most visited tourist places in the region. That is the monument to Vilensky Trakt that was popular among the cult personalities of Belarus that had influenced the development and establishment of the Belarusian State. For example, that place was loved by Simon Bedny, Taras Shevchenko, Mikhail Oginsky, Yanka Kupala, Zmitrok Biadula, Mihas Charot and many others. The famous Russian writer Nicolay Vasilyevich Gogol often went along that road.

Vilensky Trakt is the beginning of Myasota village situated not far from Molodechno town. In spite of the fact that the paved road has been known since the XIX century, the monument was installed in 1979. In addition, it looks rather unusual – you won’t see busts or figures of a man here. The visitors of the village can see four boulders, one of which, the biggest one, outlines the map of Belarus. Here one can see carved on the stone lines from the famous work of Yanka Kupala, the symbol of Vilensky Trakt. The lines bring back to the past when well-known personalities, such as Kupala himself, walked along that cozy road.

The other three boulders also have memorial plates with the names of other famous personalities – the representatives of different fields of art and literature that walked along that road many times having become legendary. The feet of Vintsent Dunin-Martinkevich, Ignat Buynitsky, and Frantishek Bogushevich have stepped there…

Apart of Vilensky Trakt, the village of Myasota is known for another historical fact. In 1796, there was born Tomash Zan – a good friend and a fellow of the famous Belarusian-Polish poet and writer Adam Mitskevich. Tomash was a prominent social figure of his time – for a long time he was a teacher, studied science and led an active social life. The brightest fact of his biography was when he directed the secret society of philomats and philarets. That society actively promoted love for the birth-place and dedication to the homeland.

The village of Myasota has been known since the XVI century, at that time, it was a small estate in possession of the war leader of Vitebsk. During the Russian-Sweden War, Myasota was burnt, but after those terrible events the locals rebuilt every house by their own efforts and even constructed a wooden church.

Today the Belarusian researchers and adventure travellers invite everyone to experience the history of Belarus thanks to visiting the most interesting and popular places. Due to the fact that the most famous and outstanding figures of not only Belarus but also Russia and Poland have walked along Vilensky Trakt, guided tours for those who like music and art often take place there. Many routes are called “In the wake of famous musicians and poets”.

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