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Monument to Semyon Zorich

Monument to Semyon Zorich

Shklov, 213010, Shklov, Mogilev region, city park

Sculpture, monuments, memorials

A monument to the former owner of Shklov, Count Zorich, was erected to the republican "Dozhinki". The sculptor showed him in the form of an educator: a spiritual face, a pile of drawings under his arm. Indeed, this adventurer soldier, a Serb by origin, who received a Shklov from the Russian Tsarina Catherine II, did a lot for the city.

Semyon Zorich is an honorable and well—known personality in the city. It is believed that under him Shklov — he then had the status of a small town — reached its heyday. While in Shklov, Semyon Zorich glorified both the city and himself by creating a theater, a cadet corps and a number of large serf manufactories here.

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