The Monument to the Knight in Novogrudok

The sculpture of a knight was established in Novogrudok in September 2014 as a gift to the 970th anniversary of the town. The author of the work is Fyodor Saratsev. It was installed at Mindovga hill named in honor of the founder of the first dynasty of Lithuanian princes. According to most versions, Mindovga was crowned in the field near Novogrudok. This important event occurred in July 1253. Princes and ambassadors came there for important meetings; there were held regular meeting of the Supreme Court and were taken decisions of great importance for the entire state. Only in the late XVIII century Novogrudok came to possession of the Russian Empire.

Now the town with centuries-long history is the regional center of the Novogrudok district, located on the hill of the same name. In the XII-XIII centuries the town population was actively engaged in craft and trade. The Small Castle hosted a quarter of jewelry and foundry workshops. The townsmen were also engaged in crafts related to wood and stone making. Here was found a large number of things brought from Byzantium, the Baltic States, Iran and other States – glassware, amber and faience vessels, respectively, which shows the development of international relations.

Tiny and welcoming Novogrudok is an interesting place in the Grodno region of modern Belarus. In times gone by it was the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and it still exudes atmosphere of the Middle Ages. For more than ten years there are held annual festivals of medieval culture. During two days knights in armor are walking around the town; tiltings and masterclasses are held. The guests who come from near and far abroad and visitors from other towns of Belarus can stay in comfortable hotels or a tent camp right at the stadium. The moat at the walls of the Novogrudok Castle is a place of performances with brave riders. Horse tournaments, shooting of archers and arbalesters, battles with swords and spears make you feel this far atmosphere of the middle ages that fascinates with its mystery and romanticism. Main events of the festival change every year. Spectators and participants are pleased now with a performance of the battle with Crusaders, then with the stage coronation of famous Mindovga, or with a bright, entertaining show depicting the storming of a castle by the Teutonic Order which took place in 1394. During the festival there are also held dance performances, medieval fairs of folk crafts, costume shows and music shows. The colorful festival of medieval culture will not leave anyone indifferent.

But it is not necessary come to the picturesque Novogrudok during such events, because this friendly town is beautiful at any time. There are plenty of interesting attractions to visit, whether it's a medieval castle, ancient temple or a local history museum. And tourists who do not like visiting museums, can just walk around the merchants’ row of 1812 and along Mindovga hill, watch centuries-old churches and other ancient buildings.