The monument to Nicholas Gusovsky in Minsk

The monument to Nicholas Gusovsky in Minsk


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Under the patronage of Gusovsky

The courtyard of Belarusian State University (BSU) where the main building of the main University of the country is situated has seen a lot of applicants in its lifetime. Here was both laughter and tears. BSU became the Alma Mater for someone, but others left its walls not having time to get used to them.

A present of “Spadchyna”

Since 1999 in BSU Nikolai Gusovsky has been watching successes or defeats of applicants. The fact is that at the main building, among the shady trees, there was placed the monument to Nicholas Gusovsky.  The club “Spadchyna” presented such a gift to the University, and the author of the bronze monument was the sculptor Vladimir Panteleev.

Nicholas Gusovsky is not just a famous person who was born in the Age of the Enlightenment. His contribution to the world literature is just invaluable. In spite of his unique abilities but the fame of the poet did not find him intervolved. Only after four centuries people began to talk about him, the date of the birth of Nicholas Gusovsky became a holiday and one of the outstanding dates in the world culture.  Such recognition happened only in 1980.

It is known that Nicholas Gusovsky was born approximately in 1470 on the territory of the current Republic of Belarus. He got primary education at home, and then he "went to hit the books" in the prestigious universities of Europe: Krakow and Bologna.

“Song about the Bison”

The world famous and most cited work of Nicholas Gusovsky, "Song about the Bison", was written in Latin. As it is known the creation of this great work is dated to 1522. The place of writing is Rome.  It is known that Nicholasy Gusovsky wrote this poem at the request of Pope Leo X. "Song about the bison" was translated into many languages.  In addition, his well-known poems are "To Saint Sebastian" and "Consolation".

Nicholas Gusovsky supported the equality of peoples, regardless of religion. For him, a man had all the freedoms in the world. Gusovsky valued science and culture; he was the most educated person of his era.

The source of knowledge

It is noteworthy that in the courtyard of Belarusian State University, there are monuments to such great personalities as Kirill of Turov, Yefrosinya of Polotsk, Francisk Skorina, Vasili Tyapinsky and Simon Budnyi. All of them made a major contribution to the development of culture, science and education in our country. It is unquestionable that these personalities are the trademark of Belarus.

Pride should cover that graduating student who graduated fr om BSU, because they were under the "care" of these great men, were inspired by the discoveries made at different times by the educators and humanists.

Nicholas Gusovsky has a special place among outstanding personalities; his name was inscribed in Golden letters in Belarusian culture. More than one generation will know and remember Gusovsky. And those who manage to go on a tour in the courtyard of BSU will be able to receive a charge of positive energy, where everything is inspired with the spirit of knowledge and culture. Nicholas Gusovsky settled under the canopy of trees, who if not he knows wh ere the real source of knowledge is kept. 

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, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 45 km
, Minsk , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 45 km

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